Justice League vs. Avengers: Who Would Win?

The Justice League team
Credit: Warner Bros & DC

The Justice League team
Credit: Warner Bros & DC

Marvel and DC will never escape any fan disputes over which heroes are more powerful than the other. What more if we pit the entire Justice League against the Avengers?

Considering that both teams include six superheroes (including superhumans and Gods alike), would this call for a fair fight? If so, who would win in a Justice League vs. Avengers fight?

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Justice League’s Heroes Would Beat the Avengers

Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel
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Credit: Warner Bros.

It’s hard to ignore that both DC's Justice League and Marvel's Avengers have their own equals:

Superman and Thor as the strongest heroes on their team, genius billionaires like Batman and Iron Man, with Aquaman and the Flash coming up against Super Soldier-induced Captain America and the Green Goliath, Hulk.

Let’s not forget Cyborg and the Hawkeye, though.

They each also have one woman on the team: Wonder Woman and Black Widow. However, this doesn't exactly constitute a fair fight since the former is a demigod Amazonian and the latter is an average human trained to be an assassin.

"I am Iron Man."
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Credit: Marvel Studios

When it comes to intelligent tacticians, the Avengers have the advantage against Batman.

With Tony Stark and Bruce Banner working their brains together, they could easily form a strategy or even develop high-tech weapons against the Justice League’s advances. This includes the hidden missiles Stark could easily unleash via his artificial assistants.

However, if we’re talking about strengths here, there is no doubt that DC’s heroes outpower Marvel’s.

Kal-El may not be a God like Thor, but with his incredible powers combined with Wonder Woman’s, they’d practically be unstoppable. Unless the Avengers have some kind of Kryptonite-made material, they’re done for with Clark Kent alone.

It doesn’t help that the majority of the Avengers team are average humans, even if Cap possesses superhuman abilities, they’d be weaker in comparison to Justice League’s Aquaman, the Flash, and even Batman.

If we’re including the entire superhero roster from both franchises, though, the MCU holds the advantage of having already debuted the majority of their strongest superheroes on the big screens, which include: Doctor Strange, the Scarlet Witch, America Chavez, Captain Marvel, and Super Skrull G’iah.

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Have the Avengers Won Against Justice League Before?

The avengers Assemble in the Battle of New York
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Credit: Marvel Studios

There is actually a comic book series that collided both worlds. That's right, Marvel and DC's universes into one comic series called JLA/Avengers written by Kurt Busiek, with art by George Perez.

The crossover between the two worlds was thanks to Krona and The Grandmaster, both of whom were obsessed with games and in this series, their game was to find out who would win between Justice League of America vs. the Avengers.

The thing is, while the supers from both sides do end up fighting one another (at one point, Superman proved he was the strongest since he could hold off Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer simultaneously), the series ended up highlighting more about what would happen if they collaborated into one universe.

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Will We Ever See A Justice League vs. Avengers Fight?

JLA/Avengers Volume 11
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Credit: Marvel & DC Comics

DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran are still rebuilding the DC Universe from scratch, so it’s quite hard to tell if we’re getting a Marvel and DC crossover on the big screens anytime soon.

However, it is bound to happen, thanks to the Amalgam Universe present in the Marvel and DC Comics.

It’s one of the few alternate timelines where we get to see our heroes band together or battle against each other’s strengths.

Not to mention, both universes have their own Multiverses in existence by now (thanks to Doctor Strange and The Flash), so a little patience would be required in waiting for Marvel Studios and DC Studios to confirm one of the biggest dreams MCU and DC fans have been dreaming of.

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