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Is Wolverine Marvel or DC?

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Marvel's Canadian Wolverine
Credit: Marvel Comics

We first saw Hugh Jackman take on the character in 2000’s rendition of X-Men, we then saw him play Wolverine in 9 more films including the odd cameos in X-Men: First Class and Deadpool 2.

Needless to say, no single fan was disappointed! Jackman's portrayals of Wolverine have gone from the softer side we've seen in X-men to downright brutal in Logan.

Now that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool in the threequel, which franchise is the metal-clawed mutant a part of, Marvel or DC?

Wolverine's First Appearance in the Marvel Universe

Wolverine first appeared in Marvel Comics The Incredible Hulk #181 in 1974.

The character was created by Len Stein and John Romita Sr (who was also responsible for working on other famous Marvel characters like Spider-Man and The Punisher). 

The character was created from the need to increase sales along the northern border of the United States and therefore, the team at Marvel believed this could be done with the introduction of a strong Canadian character.

Wolverine appearing in The Incredible Hulk issue 181
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Credit: Marvel Comics

Wolverine is mostly associated with The X-Men, a group of mutants led by Professor Xavier.

According to Marvel creator Stan Lee, thanks to the huge success The Fantastic Four comics procured, Lee's publisher urged him and Jack Kirby (aka co-creator of 1963's The X-Men) to come up with a new superhero group.

Once they came up with The Mutants, they also had to create superheroes with unique names and superpowers, and one of them happened to be Wolverine.

It wasn’t until a year later in 1975 when Wolverine was first introduced into Giant X-Men #1. There, he was recruited directly from the military where he was known as the alias Weapon X. 

Wolverine's Powers Explained

Wolverine is a mutant himself and has a multitude of powers including increased strength, stamina, agility, and heightened senses which allow him to be an expert tracker and huntsman.

However, he is mostly known for his incredible healing ability which helps in slowing down his aging process. 

Wolverine showing Adamantium claws to Nightcrawler
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Credit: Marvel Comics

It was because of his healing ability that he was able to survive a deadly experiment in which his entire skeleton was covered in Adamantium, the strongest metal in the Marvel Universe.

It’s this adamantium skeleton that also gives him his famous animal-like claws, that also function as the bones within his knuckles.

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Is Wolverine an Avenger?

Wolverine in New Avengers with Captain America
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Credit: Marvel Comics

Despite more famously being linked to the X-Men with his mutant powers, frenemy-like relationship with Cyclops, and schoolboy lust for Jean Grey, Wolverine also appears as one of The Avengers in New Avengers #6 due to the large offer made from Tony Stark’s wallet.

As for the MCU side of things, we may have yet to see Wolverine debut in the cinematic universe, but there have been rumors that he will be joining the Avengers (as well as the other Spider-Mans) in Avengers: Secret Wars.

Is Wolverine in DC?

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine/Logan
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There can often be confusion over whether Wolverine is Marvel Or DC as he doesn’t appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is due to Marvel having licensed the rights to X-Men characters like Wolverine, Cyclops, and Deadpool to 20th Century Fox before Disney bought Marvel Entertainment in 2009.

However, with the announcement in 2020 that Disney also purchased 20th Century Fox, this does mean that all the X-men, including Wolverine, will eventually be appearing in the MCU's upcoming films. 

However, there was one specific collision universe that combined the worlds of Marvel and DC in one...

The Amalgam Universe – DC and Marvel Collide

Wolverine and Batman combine as Dark Claw
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Credit: Marvel Comics

In 1996, DC Comics and Marvel Comics came together to create a publishing imprint, the Amalgam Comics. It was here that they merged some of their most loved characters into one.

We saw Superman and Captain America merge to become Supersoldier, Wonder Woman and Storm from the Xmen became “Amazon”, and our favorite hunter was combined with Batman to become Dark Claw.

Dark Claw, unsurprisingly, became one of Amalgam's most popular characters!

Overall, though, despite these mini-series being popular among fans, Wolverine still belongs well and truly to Marvel Comics.


With his upcoming MCU debut, he will very much fully belong to the billion-dollar franchise in both the comic and cinematic sense.

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