Camilla Parker Bowles Heartbreak: Prince Charles’ Wife Reportedly Worried No One Would Attend Her Royal Wedding

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary last April. But the couple has been together for longer than that. When their relationship was first announced to the world, thousands of royal fans became upset. After all, Prince Charles and Camilla had an affair while the future king was still married to the late Princess Diana.

The negative reception that Camilla Parker Bowles received from royal fans caused her to worry ahead of her wedding day to Prince Charles.

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Camilla Parker Bowles Worried No One Would Attend Or She’ll Be Booed At Her Royal Wedding

In the documentary Charles and Camilla: King and Queen in Waiting, current affairs commentator Carole Malone revealed that the Duchess of Cornwall was worried that no one would attend her royal wedding outside. And she was also scared about being booed by the crowd if they decided to attend.

“I remember seeing film footage at the time, it was about 6 a.m., and there was no one on the streets of Windsor. It was freezing as well, it was a really, really cold day. As a journalist, I was looking at it and thinking the only reaction to this is going to be national apathy, which is kind of almost as bad as protest,” she said (via Express).

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Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles’ Loved Ones Attended Their Wedding Except For Queen Elizabeth

But photos from Prince Charles and Camilla’s wedding day show a massive crowd of people cheering the couple on. The future queen consort was also photographed shaking hands with some royal fans. As of writing, there’s no indication that Camilla was booed on her wedding day.

The most important people in Prince Charles and Camilla’s lives also attended their nuptials, except for Queen Elizabeth. The monarch skipped the ceremony but was at the reception because she had to put her duty first before anything else.

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Royal Fans Finally Accepted Camilla Parker Bowles After Her Royal Wedding

Royal historian Robert Jobson also spoke in the documentary and said that the public must have had a change of heart about Camilla on her wedding day.

“I think people really, at that time thought, well why shouldn’t these two, who were the picture of happiness, who had this long, long love affair, on and off over many years, why shouldn’t they find happiness,” he said.

Twelve years after they tied the knot, the Duchess of Cornwall sat down for an interview with Daily Mail ahead of her 70th birthday. At the time, Camilla revealed her real thoughts about the reaction she received from the public after her affair was publicized.

“It was horrid. It was a deeply unpleasant time and I wouldn’t want to put my worst enemy through it. I couldn’t have survived it without my family,” she said (via Town & Country).

Today, Prince Charles and Camilla are still a force to be reckoned with. They are also the future of the British monarchy. And when the heir to the throne ascends the throne, his wife will be known as the queen consort.

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