Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William’s Wife Reportedly Broke Royal Protocol At Wimbledon In 2019 Because Of This Gesture

Credit: The Royal Family/Youtube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/Youtube Screenshot

Kate Middleton has been making headlines following her recent appearances at Wimbledon. For her first outing, the Duchess of Cambridge donned a navy-blue dress. And for her second outing, she was photographed wearing a power-blue dress. The future queen consort was also accompanied by her husband, Prince William, and eldest child, Prince George.

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Did Kate Middleton Break Royal Protocol With Roger Federer At Wimbledon In 2019?

Kate Middleton attends Wimbledon regularly except during the pandemic. But in 2019, she made headlines for an entirely different reason. According to Express, the mom of three broke royal protocol while interacting with tennis player, Roger Federer.

At the time, Federer lost to Novak Djokovic in the finals. Following the win, Middleton was seen congratulating Djokovic and then comforting Federer. The Duchess of Cambridge placed her arm around Federer and told him that his game was incredible.

According to reports, what Middleton did was a major break in royal protocol. After all, Middleton isn’t allowed to just touch anyone in public, let alone pat someone’s shoulder or back.

But according to Marie Claire, the Duchess of Cambridge must have done what any other person would do if they came across someone who just lost their match. As such, she shouldn’t be criticized for breaking royal protocol.

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Novak Djokovic Responds To Reports He’s Prince George’s Favorite Tennis Player

Meanwhile, Middleton, Prince William, and Prince George witnessed another win for Djokovic at Wimbledon this week. The trio celebrated and Prince George was especially thrilled because he’s a huge Djokovic fan.

The tennis superstar also reacted to the report that he’s Prince George’s favorite player.

“I think I have a little advantage that I actually spent some time with him, so maybe I'm the only player he's ever met. Then you have a little head start into who is your favorite player,” he said.

Three years ago, Djokovic said that he hopes to see Prince William and Middleton’s children at the Royal Box in the future. And his hope finally happened this past weekend.

“I love to see that they're [royal children] into tennis or into sports. His mum has always enjoyed tennis. I hope he'll stay the same in a few years' time and this is not just an in-the-moment situation,” Djokovic said.

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Kate Middleton, Prince William Break Protocol By Taking Selfie With A Royal Fan

Meanwhile, Middleton has also broken royal protocol outside Wimbledon. In May, she and Prince William made headlines after they were seen taking a selfie with a royal fan. In fact, the Duke of Cambridge even placed his hand around the female fan.

According to Cosmopolitan, taking selfies doesn’t translate to breaking royal protocol per se. However, it’s frowned upon by other members of the royal family, especially Queen Elizabeth.

While speaking with Insider, royal fan Greg Agnew said that taking photos with the royals is a sign of disrespect.

“The one thing they talked about a lot was no selfies, and the reason was that they didn't want people turning their backs to the Royal Family and the Queen. And that was very important to them. You do not turn your back on the Royal Family, and you do not attempt to walk up and talk to them,” he said.

But royal commentator Victoria Arbiter also clarified that the members of the royal family do what they feel is right at a given time.

“Royals do what feels right in any given moment. If a sick child on a hospital visit or at an awards evening asked for a selfie, most wouldn’t hesitate, but on a walkabout, they’re avoided,” she told Insider.

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