BTS Net Worth 2021: Who’s The Richest Member So Far?

Credit: HYBE Labels

Credit: HYBE Labels

BTS members' net worths continue to grow as the K-pop group invades Hollywood, and the amount they earned these past years is truly shocking.

BTS members' net worths remain different, proving that they grow as a group and individually.

These past years, BTS successfully outshined other groups and became the most successful Korean idols as of the writing. They even opened new doors for different groups and inspired people through their music.

They took their first step toward success through their first English-language single, Dynamite, followed by "Butter" this year.

BTS Net Worth 2021

Forbes reported in 2019 that the group earned $170 million, following Metallica on the list. As of June 2020, their official net worth already hit the $50 million mark.

With their growing popularity and demand, the group surely earned enough sales to have a well-established fandom and empire. But outside their projects, BTS members' net worth this 2021 actually differs.

Per Seoul Space, all BTS members enjoy an $8 million salary and 68,000 shares on HYBE stocks. With that said, one can expect that each member's net worth might be around $16 million — and the members' net worths are pretty near that.

No. 7 - Jin ($18 million)

BTS' visual, Jin, works hard to use his salaries in the most effective and worthy way.

BTS Jin Net Worth 2021
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Aside from performing with the group, he also dedicates some of his time running a Japanese restaurant worth $1.9 million with his brother. He also has an affluent family background even before joining the group.

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No. 6 - V ($18-$19 million)

While Jin tried to expand his power through the business industry, V took a different path and tried acting.

BTS V Net Worth 2021
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The second youngest BTS member already collected several roles under his belt, one of which was a part of a historical Korean drama. He famously produced "Sweet Night," the OST of the hit Korean drama, "Itaewon Class."

No. 5 - Jungkook ($18-$20 million)

No one can underestimate the potential of BTS' youngest member. Jungkook, who is actually the most searched BTS member on Google, has a net worth of around $18 million to $20 million.

BTS Jungkook Net Worth 2021
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The golden maknae famously makes everything he uses go sold-out in a minute. In addition, Jungkook purchased an apartment in Seoul for $1.7 million in cash, adding more value to his net worth.

His individual career has been healthy in the past years that he was able to produce his own mixtape while working with several A-listers, including Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth.

No. 4 - Jimin ($18-$20 million)

The fourth richest BTS member title goes to Jimin. The member successfully dominated the 100 Idols Individual Brand Reputation Rankings and managed to stay on No. 1 for 19 consecutive months.

BTS Jimin Net Worth 2021
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Although he is more renowned as the main dancer of the K-pop group alongside J-Hope, Jimin does well in writing and singing his own song. Most recently, he dropped his "Promise" track to his fans.

No. 3 - RM

BTS' leader, RM, earns most of his salaries through songwriting. Aside from guiding his co-members, he is also responsible for writing some of the group's songs. In fact, he already has over 130 songwriting credits since he first debuted.

BTS RM Net Worth 2021
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Since he is well-versed in English, RM can potentially work in Hollywood as a producer as well.

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RM, whose net worth currently plays between $20 million to $22 million, also wowed people when he scored in the top 1 percent after taking the University Entrance exam in the country.

No. 2 - Suga

The group's rapper, Suga, has written and produced over 70 songs, and all his projects contributed to the $23 million to $25 million net worth he has now.

BTS Suga Net Worth 2021
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Suga's value continues to rise as he begins creating songs outside BTS, as well. One of his recent collaborators was Halsey, who appeared on the group's song "Boy With Luv."

No. 1 - J-Hope

The member who currently stays on the No. 1 spot on BTS members net worth 2021 is J-Hope.

BTS JHope Net Worth 2021
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The highest-earning member credits the massive part of his net worth to the success of his solo mixtape, "Hope World." His solo song, "Daydream," also reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart. Meanwhile, his song "Chicken Noodle Soup" marked the first solo song of a BTS member to become part of Hot 100.

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