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BLACKPINK Disbanding This Year? YG Entertainment’s Supergroup Potential Break Up Goes Viral

Credit: BLACKPINK Official YouTube Channel

BLACKPINK found its group in the middle of questionable rumors about their alleged impending disbandment. Some fans even blamed its company, YG Entertainment, for not giving all the members equal treatment.

When the K-pop girl group debuted in 2016, fans felt so hype that they dubbed them the "second 2NE1." But it did not take a long time for BLACKPINK to seemingly lose its popularity.

In 2017, the group only managed to have one comeback that led to some fans leaving the fandom. They eventually got compared to JYP's Twice and SM Entertainment's Red Velvet, who frequently offer two comebacks per year.

Although BLACKPINK made its way to stardom again and even reached Hollywood in the past year, its popularity did not save the group from disbandment rumors.

Will BLACKPINK Disband in 2021?

Here's good news to all the curious Blinks who want to know about BLACKPINK's status this year: they are not disbanding.

Surprisingly, the new rumors about BLACKPINK's alleged plans to disband only rooted from the feud between their fandoms, Blinks, and BTS' fans, ARMY.

In June, several individuals claiming to be fans of the YG girl group started an online uproar and bullied BTS members on Twitter Spaces. They used abusive and homophobic language as they tried pulling down the boy group.

BTS Army quickly defended the idols and hit back at Blinks, demanding BLACKPINK to disband. This, unfortunately, resulted in the viral Twitter trend, "BLACKPINK DISBAND." Some K-pop fans called out both fandoms for acting immaturely online.

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Outside the fan wars, it is highly unlikely for the girl group to disband soon. For what it's worth, they are still tied with YG Entertainment until 2023 after signing a seven-year contract when they debuted. It is up to the members whether or not they will continue working as a group after their contract expires.

Will BLACKPINK Members Pursue Solo Careers?

Rumors about BLACKPINK's disbandment will only be quashed if the group makes a comeback soon.

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Blinks, on the other hand, have been waiting for it since it has been months since they heard and saw them perform as a group. They recently collaborated with Selena Gomez for "Ice Cream" and shared "Lovesick Girls" in October 2020 as part of their first full album, "The Album."

Following their group project, YG Entertainment announced that the other members would debut individually after Jennie's "SOLO" in 2018.

In March, Rose released her first single album, "R." while Lisa served as the third member to go solo. The Thai rapper wowed the industry with her "LALISA" track this month.

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