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Bocchi the Rock! VA Proves She's the Opposite of Hitori in Upcoming Single

Bocchi the Rock Hitori Gotou VA

Bocchi the Rock! is one of this season’s surprise hits thanks to its funny story and loveable cast, especially the socially awkward Hitori Gotou (aka Bocchi). Though for fans of the show, it might be a surprise to find out that Bocchi VA Yoshino Aoyama is the opposite of Hitori in her upcoming single.

Recently, Aoyama shared her new look for her upcoming single via Twitter.

Aside from her stylish ensemble that Bocchi would never wear in public, Aoyama’s new look is also a far cry from her previous idol style.

Hitori Gotou vs. Voice Actress

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While the series’ cast is great, the main character, Hitori Gotou, is no doubt the scene-stealer for her incredibly funny reactions to social situations.

As an extreme introvert, Bocchi is pretty much a nervous wreck constantly, not unlike the other socially awkward characters of the season like Suletta from Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury and Kobeni from Chainsaw Man.

What’s refreshing and unique about Bocchi though is how her motivations aren’t pure like some other introverted anime characters.

After all, she wants to be in a band so that she can be famous and quit school.

Some might expect that Bocchi’s voice actress is also shy and introverted to properly convey her awkwardness.

But it turns out that her VA is far from Bocchi’s extremely introverted nature (at least while on stage).

Bocchi VA Yoshino Aoyama is a voice actress who has played various roles in popular shows, including Yoshino Nanase in Wake Up, Girls!, Guri in Renai Boukun, and several supporting characters in The Promised Neverland.

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Yoshino Aoyama's Style in Upcoming Single

Aoyama does share one thing with Hitori, and that’s the fact that she also performs music.

Outside of her voice acting work, Aoyama is also a well-known singer in Japan.

She was part of the Wake Up, Girls! idol unit which disbanded in 2019. But she has since been active as a soloist who has released her own songs, with her third and latest single being My Tale.

Ahead of its release next week, Aoyama shared the single’s cover.

Her style for this new single is a stark contrast to her cutesy looks when she was still an idol voice actress.

Regarding her new, distinct style, she remarks, "I dare not overdo the image as Yoshino Aoyama. I could shake it off in a good way. I want to betray everyone at all costs!"

It’s also something that Bocchi would never wear outside (or even at home for that matter).

Though Aoyama being a singer is interesting for Bocchi the Rock! fans as this can mean we’ll see Bocchi perform on stage in the future.

Aoyama’s upcoming single will be released on December 14, 2022.

Meanwhile, new Bocchi the Rock! episodes are released weekly on Crunchyroll.

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