Bocchi the Rock! Hitori Birthday Merch Includes Hitori Picasso, Puppet Merch

Bocchi the Rock! Birthday Merch Hitori

Bocchi the Rock! Birthday Merch Hitori

Earlier this week, Bocchi the Rock! celebrated the birthday of everyone’s favorite pink-haired introvert. And as part of the celebration, new Bocchi the Rock! Hitori Gotoh birthday merch was revealed, including a Picasso and puppet Bocchi, among other hilarious goodies.

Over the past months, there have been an increasing number of Bocchi merch being released or put up for pre-order. This makes sense as it was easily one of the biggest anime hits of 2022.

Bocchi the Rock! Celebrates Hitori Gotoh’s Birthday

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Bocchi the Rock!'s popularity exploded in the middle of the Fall 2022 season thanks to its funny story, creative animation, and loveable characters. In particular, the main character, Hitori “Bocchi” Gotoh, was easily fans' favorite.

Many viewers were able to relate to Bocchi’s anxieties throughout the series, making her an incredibly popular character.

In fact, she’s arguably one of the most popular characters of 2022 based on fan discussions online.

February 20 is Bocchi’s birthday, and while she won’t age just yet, it was the perfect time to release new merch.

This new collection is far from the first set of Bocchi merch as we’ve seen lots of new collectible goodies that were shared following the anime’s end.

Aside from apparel, there are lots of new Bocchi figures that are up for pre-order.

For the most dedicated of collectors though, there are the Blu-ray volumes that have become hot sellers.

There’s also the Kessoku Band album that dominated the charts following its release.

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Hitori Gotoh Birthday Merch Collection

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This new Bocchi birthday merch collection consists of seven new items, most of which feature funny references to the anime’s events.

For instance, there’s a canvas artwork of Bocchi’s Picasso face, as well as a puppet that recreates Bocchi’s puppet form in Episode 12 when she was forced to talk to a shopkeeper.

Other funny items include socks that are based on Bocchi’s Tsuchinoko form, as well as a tissue box cover that depicts Bocchi barfing from nervousness. And of course, there’s Hitori glitching out in rug form.

This new birthday merch collection is available to pre-order now via the Aniplex+ website. The items are set to release in late May.

Fans outside Japan may have to look for alternative shipping options though, as the collection isn’t available internationally.

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