Bocchi the Rock! Dominates Anime Community Awards

Bocchi the Rock! Awards Hitori Gotoh

Bocchi the Rock! Awards Hitori Gotoh

Aside from taking over online anime discussions during its run, Bocchi the Rock! has now dominated the latest anime awards of two major anime communities online.

Specifically, the Reddit 2022 Anime Awards and the Anime Trending 2022 Awards saw Bocchi the Rock! take home the top honors, including Anime of the Year.

With this, it’s fair to say that 2022 is no doubt the year of Bocchi, and its success will likely translate into more anime projects (at least, that’s what fans hope).

Bocchi the Rock! Takes Over Reddit’s Anime Awards

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Firstly, Reddit’s r/anime recently revealed its 2022 Anime Awards winners.

Unlike most awards though, Reddit’s version features two awards for each category, one of which is voted by the public and the other by a jury.

As expected, Bocchi the Rock! took home the most awards by public vote. For reference, here are all of Bocchi’s wins in Reddit’s annual awards:

  • Best Comedy Award - Jury and Public Vote
  • Best Comedic Character - Public Vote
  • Best Cast - Public Vote
  • Best Animation - Public Vote
  • Best Soundtrack - Public Vote
  • Best Voice Actor (Yoshino Aoyama as Hitori Gotoh) - Public Vote
  • Anime of the Year - Public Vote
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Its dominance in the public vote is a testament to its popularity among anime fans on Reddit.

Though interestingly, the series only won the Best Comedy Award when it came to the jury vote.

Wondering why that’s the case? As the jury is composed of a few members who have watched more shows, there’s a tendency for niche titles to win.

For instance, the jurors voted Yama no Susume: Next Summit as Anime of the Year. But that doesn’t mean the jurors don’t hold Bocchi in high regard.

On the awards’ website, the jury rated Bocchi highly in the other categories. It’s just that it was beaten out by other, underappreciated shows.

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Aside from Reddit’s awards, Bocchi also took home the top honors at Anime Trending’s 2022 Awards. For this award, the winning anime were selected via fan votes.

Bocchi took home the following awards: Anime of the Year, Best in Adapted Screenplay, Best in Episode Directing and Storyboarding, Best in Voice Cast, Comedy Anime of the Year, Music Anime of the Year, and Slice of Life Anime of the Year.

Following the show’s wins, the Bocchi cast members shared tweets with English messages for overseas fans.

Even the series creator, Aki Hamaji, sent out a tweet to international fans with her thanks for all the praise that the series has received.

With Bocchi the Rock! dominating these major community awards, fans are now hoping that the show’s success translates to its renewal for a second season.

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