Bocchi the Rock! Creator Becomes Bocchi in Real Life at Comiket

Bocchi the Rock Comiket

Bocchi the Rock Comiket

Given how the series’ popularity exploded in the Fall 2022 season, Bocci the Rock! creator Aki Hamaji had a lonely, Bocchi-like experience at the 101st Comiket.

While Hamaji was originally set to have a booth inside the venue at Tokyo Big Sight, she was forced to move outside and have a table set up all by herself, but not for the reason that you might think.

Aki Hamaji’s Comiket Story

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Hamaji is best known as the creator of the Bocchi the Rock! manga series. Though because Comiket is an event that focuses on the sale of doujin (or self-published) works, she wasn’t attending the event to sell new Bocchi volumes.

Instead, Hamaji was there to sell doujinshi along with Blue Archive game merch.

Despite not having any Bocchi goodies on hand, the popularity of her manga meant that there was huge interest in her other works, resulting in a massive line.

At Comiket, many writers and creators have tables set up inside the venue. Because of how it’s set up, one table having a lot of interest means that the other tables can get blocked. This is likely why Hamaji was asked to move.

Because of the sheer number of people lining up to buy her doujinshi, Hamaji was specifically asked to move her table outside. In response, she was apologetic to fans and directed them instead to her new table location.

While this means Hamaji’s popularity has skyrocketed, it’s funny to see something unfold that seems straight out of Bocchi the Rock!

If you’re a fan of the series, then you can probably imagine this exact scenario happening to Bocchi.

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Comiket Aftermath and Reactions

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After being asked to move, Hamaji shared her new table location on Twitter. On its own, it seems like a sad sight given how her new table is set up just beside a road.

Even though it’s not a happy sight without context, Hamaji still had an incredibly successful Comiket 101 experience. After all, her doujinshi and other works on sale were all sold out just a few hours after her new booth opened.

When international fans found out about what happened, many also think that this scenario is something that was straight out of Bocchi the Rock!

On Reddit, fans found it funny that Hamaji is seemingly embracing the Bocchi lifestyle at Comiket and how she’s literally “suffering from success.”

Given the anime’s popularity and the subsequent interest in the manga, it’s possible that a season 2 announcement will be made soon. Though we might have to wait a while before an official reveal.

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