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Bocchi Wins Best Girl of Fall 2022 in Reddit Fan Contest

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Bocchi Best Girl Reddit

Fall 2022 had lots of big anime titles, but Bocchi the Rock! surprisingly became one of the season’s biggest hits. Thanks to this, Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou and the other Bocchi the Rock! girls dominated the recent Reddit Best Girl of Fall 2022 fan contest.

In the latest r/anime contest, Bocchi took the title of last season’s best girl in dominant fashion.

Not only did Bocchi top the rankings ahead of the contest, but she also handily beat everyone that was matched up against her.

Reddit r/anime Best Girl Contests

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Reddit’s r/anime is one of the biggest anime communities online. It’s a place where lots of fans from all over the world discuss the latest shows. Aside from discussions, r/anime also hosts various contests.

While anime polls aren’t anything new, the Reddit community’s way of doing it is interesting, as it features a bracket system that fans can vote on every day.

Thanks to this, the contests generate a lot of discussion, especially when it comes to the Best Girl or Best Guy competitions.

Many anime fans on Reddit look forward to the annual Best Girl contest, as it has no limits on which character can appear. The only restriction is that previous winners can no longer join.

Though there are also smaller contests that are held throughout the year.

One of these is the seasonal Best Girl contest, which pits all the new female characters of the season in one bracket.

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Bocchi the Rock! Girls Dominate Reddit’s Best Girl of Fall 2022 Contest

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For the Fall 2022 contest, the final eight competitors consisted of four Bocchi the Rock! and four Chainsaw Man characters. This is not surprising given that these are two of the biggest shows on Reddit in terms of popularity.

While Chainsaw Man is arguably the most talked-about anime of the season, only Power made it through to the semifinals.

There, she was beaten by Kita, who went on to face Bocchi in the finals.

As Bocchi is her show’s protagonist, it makes sense that she won. And while some contests like these have lots of salty anime fans in the comments section, most voters were happy with the result.

This result cements Bocchi’s popularity. Though what’s refreshing about it is that she’s not a “waifu” in a typical sense, as her appeal lies in her relatable anxiety and funny antics.

Right now, there’s no word yet on whether we’ll see Bocchi again in anime form, as Bocchi the Rock! Season 2 has yet to be announced.

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