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Bocchi the Rock!'s Character Designer Shares Glamorous Hiroi Illustration

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Bocchi the Rock! Kikuri Hiroi Art

Yesterday was Kikuri Hiroi’s birthday. To celebrate, Bocchi the Rock! character designer Kerorira shared a glamorous Hiroi illustration on X, which got a lot of attention from fans.

Kerorira is a popular artist who did the character design and was the chief animation director in Bocchi the Rock! While the show has yet to get a new season, Kerorira has continued to share illustrations of the characters.

Along with Kerorira, Hiroi’s birthday was celebrated by the original series creator who also released a special artwork.

Kikuri Hiroi’s Birthday Celebrated With Special Illustrations

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Kikuri Hiroi may not be one of the principal characters in Bocchi the Rock!, but she is easily one of the most popular thanks to her memorable personality and musical skills.

Even though she only appears in the anime a couple of times, Hiroi is already the favorite of many series fans. In fact, Hiroi even stars in her own manga spinoff.

To celebrate her birthday on September 28, series creator Aki Hamaji shared a special illustration on X. She was admittedly a bit late as she shared the illustration on the 29th in Japan time.

This illustration showed Hiroi in her signature dress and jacket combo. As expected, Hiroi is also clutching a sake juice box – her drink of choice in the anime and manga.

Replies to the post may be closed, but it got a lot of attention from fans given the thousands of likes and shares.

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Bocchi the Rock!’s Character Designer Celebrates Hiroi’s Birthday With Glamorous Art

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Aki Hamaji may have been a bit late for Hiroi’s birthday, but Kerorira shared his work just in time. Kerorira’s illustration was shared just a bit after midnight on September 28, and it was a bit of a different take on Hiroi.

Unlike her typical appearance, Kikuri Hiroi looks glammed up in this artwork as she has her hair down stylishly. She’s also wearing a dress and choker combo that’s a bit more stylish.

Plus, she trades her signature sake juice box for a fancy glass, though it still seems to be filled with sake.

As with Hamaji’s post, replies to this one are closed. But based on the near-30k likes and near-5k shares, this illustration was well-received by Bocchi fans.

Given the reception, it’s fair to say that fans are still clamoring for a new season. Sadly though, there’s no word yet on Bocchi the Rock! Season 2.

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