10 Great Anime About Rock Bands

10 Great Anime About Rock Bands Bocchi the Rock!

10 Great Anime About Rock Bands Bocchi the Rock!

Anime is mostly known for showcasing intense action, magic, or fantasy, but often, the creators step aside to explore other themes like bands and music. So, we've compiled a list of the greatest anime about rock bands!

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  1. Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

    On the count of four, let’s start with the first one – Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. Yukio “Koyuki” Tanaka is a 14-year-old boy who lacks vision in life.

    However, things change when he ends up saving a dog named Beck from getting bullied by local children.

    The owner of the dog is 16-year-old Ryuusuke “Ray” Minami, who is a budding guitarist and the ex-member of a rock band.

    Later, Koyuki meets with Ray again at a diner and the latter takes Koyuki to his former band’s jam studio.

    Koyuki is mesmerized by Ray’s amazing guitar playing and gets pulled into the world of rock music.

    He decided to learn to play the guitar while assisting Ray in forming the best rock band.

    Eventually, Koyuki teams up with other band members to form a rock outfit named Beck.

    This musical anime follows the band’s highs and lows as they work on getting famous in Japan.

  2. Samurai Jam -Bakumatsu Rock-

    Ryouma Sakamoto wants people around him to know about his love for rock ‘n’ roll. He wanders around with his electric guitar in order to showcase his skills.

    He wants the people to know that they can look beyond the renowned Shinsengumi stars. Meanwhile, Japan prohibits the writing or performance of various styles of music.

    Ryouma is frustrated by the government’s strict rules and he attempts to transform things by stirring a revolution.

    He forms a band with Kogoru Katsura and Shinsaku Takasugi. The trio then attempts to find venues for their performances.

    The band members are ready to give their all until Japan starts accepting their music. This is the story of passion and standing up to the regime.

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  3. Detroit Metal City

    Detroit Metal City is ruling the indie music circuit with its dark and raw style. Johannes Krauser II is the flamboyant frontman who is infamous for his demonic rituals on stage.

    His fans love his onstage persona of a relentless vocalist. However, Johannes is just an alter ego of a regular college-goer named Souichi Negishi.

    He is a gentle soul who prefers listening to Swedish pop but he needs to don his Johannes hat during Detroit Metal City’s over-the-top concerts.

    This comedy anime follows Souichi’s funny mishaps as he juggles his student life and maintains his on-stage rockstar image.

  4. Nana

    Two strangers with one name end up in Tokyo. One is looking for fame and the other for love.

    Heading out of their hometowns, two young women with the same names cross paths in the big city.

    Nana Komatsu is looking for the perfect story while Nana Osaki dreams about getting famous in the music business.

    Komatsu is a friendly girl but she has been unlucky in the love department until she meets her current beau named Shouji Endo.

    She works tirelessly to earn enough and be with Endo in Tokyo. Elsewhere, her namesake is a punk vocalist who is dealing with a broken heart.

    However, Osaki aims to forget her pain and focus on becoming a successful musician.

    As the musical and romantic anime progresses, the two women end up living under one roof.

    Eventually, their bond strengthens as they strive to win in life and love.

  5. The Legend of Black Heaven

    Also known as Kacho Oji in Japanese, this adventure, comedy, and sci-fi anime revolves around the life of Oji Tanaka, which is anything but interesting.

    However, 15 years ago, his life was a rollercoaster ride. Before settling down, Kacho was known as Gabriel, the frontman of a heavy metal outfit called Black Heaven.

    Meanwhile, his life changes when he is called by a mysterious woman named Layla to play a Gibson Flying V which showcases his exceptional guitar-playing skills.

    Turns out, his music has the power to fuel a giant weapon that is used in an intergalactic war.

  6. Bubblegum Crisis

    Set in the year 2032, Bubblegum Crisis is an adventure and sci-fi anime with a hint of cyberpunk sprinkled all over it.

    The anime showcases a band of mercenaries setting out to battle against powerful biomechanical beasts created by an evil corporation.

    Meanwhile, Priss, the leader of the mercenary group, is also a member of a pop-rock group called Priss and the Replicants.

    The anime was released back in 1987 and the music lives up to that era of lush synth sounds.

  7. Gravitation

    Shuichi is a big fan of pop idol Ryuichi Sakuma and the band Nittle Grasper. He decides to team up with his best friend Hiro to form a band called Bad Luck.

    Things look great for the duo as Bad Luck manages to get signed by a recording label.

    With deadlines approaching, Shuichi struggles to write the lyrics for the songs.

    Apparently, he lacks inspiration and Hiro suggests he get a girlfriend. Later, he runs into a mysterious person who happens to be a novelist named Eiri Yuki.

    The novelist ends up crushing Shuichi’s confidence by telling him that he has no talent. Shuichi takes it to heart and pens his song so that he can confront Eiri.

    But, is this out of anger for him, or has he fallen for the novelist in this boys' love anime?

  8. K-On!

    The senior members of the Light Music Club are now in their third year. The only member in her second year is Azusa Nakano.

    The seniors know that they need to find new members before they graduate who can continue the club with Azusa.

    Despite their repeated efforts, they could not find people to audition.

    Meanwhile, Azusa overhears Yui Hirasawa that their club is doing great with only five members.

    She adds that they should focus on having a good time. Azusa decides that they can cancel recruiting new members for now and enjoy school life with her seniors.

    K-On! goes beyond just J-rock as the anime explores other popular genres like jazz, alt-punk, punk rock, and more.

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  9. Macross 7

    Nekki Basara is the vocalist and guitarist of a band called Fire Bomber. He lives in the flying colony City 7 and sings songs hoping that his music holds some sort of mystical power.

    Meanwhile, City 7 comes under attack from an unknown alien race. Interestingly, the only weakness of these aliens is Fire Bomber’s music.

    The sci-fi anime follows Fire Bomber’s attempt to fight these otherworldly beings with their killer songs.

  10. Bocchi the Rock!

    Termed the most authentic portrayal of a rock band, Bocchi the Rock! shines like a true rockstar. With an 8.95 score on MyAnimeList, the series revolves around socially anxious and lonely Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou.

    Bocchi dreams of making friends and performing live with a band. However, she spends a lot of time in her room practicing the guitar.

    One day, she meets drummer Nijika Ijichi, who suggests she joins the Kessoku Band when their guitarist decides to leave before the first show.

    Soon, Bocchi also meets the band’s bassist – Ryou Yamada and they kickstart their journey as a band. Despite their lukewarm first performance, they realize the power of music.

    Bocchi and her bandmates give their all to grow together as musicians and friends while making the best of their school days.

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