Bocchi the Rock! Kikuri Hiroi Spin-Off Manga Begins Serialization

Bocchi the Rock Manga Kikuri Hiroi

Bocchi the Rock Manga Kikuri Hiroi

Following its initial teaser a few months ago and its subsequent reveal, the Bocchi the Rock! spin-off manga starring Kikuri Hiroi has finally begun serialization.

Officially titled Bocchi the Rock! Spinoff: Kikuri Hiroi's Heavy Drinking Diary, this new manga follows the adventures of Hiroi, the surprise fan-favorite from the anime and the bassist of SICK HACK.

While this new manga doesn’t follow Hitori Gotoh and the Kessoku Band, it’s shaping up to be a must-read for series fans, especially given how memorable Hiroi has been in her short anime appearances.

Fan-Favorite Kikuri Hiroi Stars in Bocchi the Rock! Manga Spin-Off

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Bocchi the Rock! was no doubt one of the biggest surprise anime hits of 2022.

Since its release, the show has gained a huge fanbase, enough that the original soundtrack became one of the most successful in the first half of 2023 in Japan.

Thanks to the anime’s success, interest in the Bocchi manga also increased, enough that reprints of the manga volumes were ordered to meet demand.

To further capitalize on its success, a new spin-off manga was announced a few months ago, and it stars Kikuri Hiroi of SICK HACK.

While she’s not exactly part of the main cast, Hiroi made a huge impression among fans for her funny personality and her penchant for day drinking.

Hiroi isn’t just there for comedy though, as she helped Bocchi come out of her shell and become confident enough to perform live.

She also continued to support Bocchi and the Kessoku Band, even if it was for drinks at the after-party.

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Bocchi the Rock! Spinoff: Kikuri Hiroi's Heavy Drinking Diary Release Schedule

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Given her popularity, it’s no surprise that the spin-off is all about Hiroi.

Specifically, the manga follows Hiroi’s life, and it shows how she copes with her anxieties about the future. As expected, she drowns these fears with lots of alcohol.

As it’s a spin-off, series creator Aki Hamaji is only partly involved in this work as it is illustrated by another artist. This explains the different art styles and formats.

The first chapter of the spin-off is out now on the Comic Fuz website for free. New chapters will be released every two weeks.

While the series is available in Japanese, there’s no word yet on whether it will get an English release outside Japan.

However, that might not happen anytime soon given that the Bocchi the Rock! manga is only going to be released internationally later this year.

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