Which Bands Appear in Bocchi the Rock? All Artists and Performers

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What Bands Appear in Bocchi the Rock!? All Artists and Performers
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Fun fact: Kessoku Band is not the only band featured in Bocchi the Rock! The music anime also introduced a couple more bands that anime viewers will surely love! Get ready to know all the bands that appeared in Bocchi the Rock!, as here are all the artists and performers featured in the anime!

Which Bands Appear in Bocchi the Rock?


There are three main bands featured in the series: Kessoku Band, SICK HACK, and SIDEROS. Kessoku Band is based in STARRY, while SICK HACK and SIDEROS perform at FOLT.

Let’s learn more about these bands!

Kessoku Band

Bands in Bocchi the Rock Kessoku Band Hitori

The Kessoku Band, which Hitori Gotou is part of, is the leading band in Bocchi the Rock! The band is based in STARRY and was inspired by the real-life band, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, which is one of the top J-Rock bands in Japan.

The members of the Kessoku Band are Hitori Gotou (lead guitarist), Nijika Ijichi (drummer), Ryo Yamada (bassist), and Ikuyo Kita (vocalist and guitarist).


Bands in Bocchi the Rock SICK HACK Kikuri

SICK HACK is a psychedelic band that plays in FOLT. The band members’ last names are based on 88Kasyo Junrei, another well-known band in Japan.

The members of SICK HACK are Kikuri Hiroi (bassist and vocalist), Eliza Shimizu (guitarist), and Shima Iwashita (drummer).


Bands in Bocchi the Rock SIDEROS Nijika

SIDEROS is a metal band based in FOLT. The band members’ last names are based on Kinniku Shojo Tai, a real-life popular Japanese rock band.


The members of SIDEROS are Yoyoko Otsuki (guitarist and vocalist), Akubi Hasegawa (drummer), Fuko Honjo (guitarist), and Yuyu Uchida (bassist).

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Bocchi the Rock! Artists and Performers

For each band to perform, the characters are voiced by talented voice actors, and various artists have contributed to each song.

Some of the artists and performers featured in the Bocchi the Rock! anime are:

  • Ai Higuchi – a singer-songwriter who wrote Seishun Complex, the opening song of the anime.
  • Kana-Boon’s Maguro Taniguchi – contributed to the songs of the Kessoku Band, particularly Distortion.
  • 48foureight’s Otoha – composed the music with Ai Higuchi for Seishun Complex.
  • Ikumi Hasegawa – the voice actor of Ikuyo Kita was the voice behind the series’ opening and closing songs.

Meanwhile, here are the Japanese voice actors for the members of the Kessoku Band:

Fans of the music anime will no longer have to worry about their last song syndrome as they can now stream their favorite Bocchi the Rock! songs on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and the iTunes Store.


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