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Bocchi the Rock: Who Are SICK HACK?

Bocchi the Rock Who are SICK HACK Shima Iwashita

Aside from the Kessoku Band, Bocchi the Rock! introduced another great band called SICK HACK. Viewers of the music anime immediately liked the new group as a lot of people are anticipating the band’s song release on Spotify or YouTube. But before we delve into their music, who are SICK HACK?

For the uninitiated, Bocchi the Rock! is a slice-of-life, music, and comedy anime that follows the story of Hitori "Bocchi" Gotou, the lead guitarist of the Kessoku Band.

The anime also features two other bands called SICK HACK and SIDEROS. Each band has its own charm and approach to music that viewers will surely love.


Who Are SICK HACK Kikuri Hiroi
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SICK HACK is based in FOLT, a live house located in Shinjuku. The members of the psychedelic rock band have the same last names as the members of the real-life band named 88Kasyo Junrei. The band is composed of three members: Kikuri Hiroi, Eliza Shimizu, and Shima Iwashita.

The band released one song in Episode 10 called Watashi dake Yuurei.

Since then, the fans' interest in the song and the band has grown, which is not surprising given that the song is indeed very good and catchy.

SICK HACK Band Members

SICK HACK Band Members Kikuri Hiroi
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As mentioned, SICK HACK is composed of three members namely, Kikuri (vocalist and bassist), Eliza (guitarist), and Shima (drummer).

Kikuri usually breaks equipment during concerts because she is mostly drunk in the series.

She first met Hitori in front of the station as the latter was selling tickets and performing live.

Kikuri was impressed with Hitori’s performance and talent so she decided to buy a ticket from her.

She then started going to STARRY to watch the Kessoku Band perform, though most people consider her an annoying guest as she is always drunk.

It was also revealed that Kikuri had a sullen personality in the past. She turned to drinking alcohol to get rid of the tension she feels during concert performances.

SICK HACK Band Members Eliza Shimizu
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As Kikuri continues to observe Hitori, she realized that the two of them share the same qualities and decided to give the latter some advice.

Although not all her solutions are that effective, it is still refreshing to see a character whom Hitori can rely on.

Unfortunately, only Kikuri has had screen time in the anime so far, so there is not much known about her two bandmates, Eliza and Shima, as of now.

As the series progresses, fans can expect to see more interactions between the Kessoku Band and SICK HACK.

Will the two bands become rivals or friends? Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

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