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Bocchi the Rock!’s Kita Reveals Toughest Song to Perform in Interview

Bocchi the Rock Song Ikuyo Kita

In a new interview following the season finale, Bocchi the Rock! Ikuyo Kita VA Ikumi Hasegawa shared which song in the show is the toughest to perform. She also shared her experience while voicing the extroverted Kita along with other details about performing the show’s various songs.

Real-life Kessoku Band

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As an anime that heavily features music, Bocchi the Rock! features lots of original songs, enough that a full album was released digitally during Christmas.

While several noteworthy Japanese artists were tapped to compose some of the songs, all of them were credited under the Kessoku Band.

The series’ protagonist, Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou, is the lead guitarist of the Kessoku Band, a four-piece rock band composed of high school girls.

The three other members of the band alongside Bocchi serve as the other members of the main cast.

As Kita is the lead singer of Kessoku Band, her voice actress Ikumi Hasegawa is the singer for most of the show’s songs except for the three ending themes that were sung by her bandmates.

Though all the band's big songs in the show are sung by Hasegawa.

Because of this, Hasegawa revealed that she felt some pressure, especially for a particular song.

As you might’ve expected, Hasegawa felt that the toughest song to perform in the anime was That Band (or Ano Band in Japanese), which is the song the band performed in Episode 8 during their first proper performance at STARRY.

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Hasegawa on the Toughest Bocchi the Rock! Song to Perform

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Hasegawa also mentioned that the song Guitar, Loneliness, and Blue Planet was also quite difficult to perform because of its intensity.

Because of this, Hasegawa had to put in a lot of practice to perform the song properly. But That Band proved to be the toughest to sing for a different reason.

Unlike the other songs in the anime, this song has a lower tension feeling with a unique rhythm in the chorus.

While it may have been difficult, it’s fair to say that Hasegawa nailed That Band as the Kessoku Band’s performance in Episode 8 trended following the episode’s release.

Aside from that song, pretty much all the songs from the anime have become big hits.

After all, the newly released Bocchi the Rock! album quickly topped Japan’s weekly charts.

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