Black Clover's Latest Chapter Criticized for Copying Naruto

Black Clover Naruto Sasuke

Black Clover Naruto Sasuke

Ahead of its official release, Black Clover Chapter 352 spoilers have leaked online, and they have stirred up quite a controversy. Recently, fans criticized Black Clover for copying Naruto in the upcoming chapter.

This isn’t the first time that Black Clover has been accused of copying Naruto, and it makes sense given that both are in the same genre and magazine. Though this time, fans think the copying has gone too far.

Spoiler Warning: There are possible Black Clover Chapter 352 spoilers in this article.

Black Clover Chapter 352 Spoilers, Copying Claims

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In the new chapter leaks, it’s shown that Ryu takes off his eyepatch to reveal his Tengentsu, a special eye. What appears is something that looks very much like a Sharingan.

Specifically, Ryu’s eye has a dark-colored iris surrounded by 10 comma-like symbols that are known as "tomoe".

Naruto fans will no doubt find the eye familiar as it is reminiscent of a basic Sharingan, albeit with more tomoe.

That’s exactly what happened on Twitter as Naruto trended on the platform with over 40k tweets following the leaks of the latest spoilers.

Instead of the talk being about the series though, many tweets made fun of Black Clover.

According to fans, this isn’t the first time that Black Clover copied Masashi Kishimoto’s work.

Some even shared compilations that compared elements between the two that seem to be more than just coincidences.

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Black Clover’s Next Chapter Sparks Huge Debate

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Of course, the criticisms have sparked debates among the communities of both titles.

While some fans say that it’s a straight-up rip-off, others defended Black Clover, saying that Naruto didn’t invent Japanese iconography.

Some fans pointed out that Naruto is heavily inspired by Japanese mythology and folklore, so it makes sense that Black Clover was also inspired by the same stories.

There are also fans who claimed that calling Black Clover a rip-off is unfair as pretty much all battle shonen manga are inspired by previous works.

For now, the debate between the two fanbases rages on, with Naruto fans adding fuel to the fire by saying that even Boruto, a Naruto spinoff, isn’t copying the original series.

This debate will probably continue until Black Clover ends. But in the meantime, fans will be able to read the manga’s latest chapter when it officially releases next week.

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