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13 Anime That Deserve Another Season

Anime that deserve another season

There are a few reasons why anime series get cancelled after only one season, but there are lots of anime that deserve another season – at least that's what fans all over the world are saying.

Some shows are so good that it feels wrong for them to just end like they did, while others simply ended with the worst cliffhanger possible (plus you may prefer the animated characters over the ones on paper).

In no particular order, here are some anime that definitely deserve another season!

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

Narumi and Hirotaka crying over something they're watching on Narumi's phone.
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When Narumi's last relationship fails, she switches jobs and sets out to completely hide anything that would point to her being an otaku.

Things don't always go according to plan, though, and she meets her childhood friend and fellow otaku Hirotaka at this new company.

Hirotaka asks her out over drinks one night, citing their similar inclinations as great benefits, and the two start dating. Will love finally become easier for otaku?

Why Wotakoi Deserves Another Season

Wotakoi has received both positive and negative reviews, with the latter mostly owing to the anime being a josei, which is probably the least understood genre.

But Wotakoi deserves a second season because the characters are so laid-back, natural, and relatable, it's like watching an anime about yourself, or at least a cuter version of yourself. Honestly, I'd like more of that. (Who wouldn't?)

Is Another Wotakoi Season Possible?

There is still lots to cover as the anime ended way before the manga did in July 2021.

The franchise also did well, considering how it went from being a cutesy webcomic to being a full-blown manga with 11 volumes, and how it even got a live-action adaptation made (which even starred resident anime actor Kento Yamazaki).

Seeing as there's lots of material to be animated and given the creators' apparent desire to keep the franchise alive, it may not be all that pointless to hope for a second season.

No Game No Life

Sora and Shiro holding hands, smiling.
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In boring reality, Sora and Shiro are just shut-in step-siblings who like to game. In the online gaming world, they are collectively known as "Blank," an undefeated gaming duo who, one day, gets challenged to a game of chess by Tet, a gaming god from an alternate reality.

As a reward for successfully defeating Tet, the two are sent to Disboard, a world where gaming is everything.

The story follows their quest to conquer all sixteen species in Disboard and become gods themselves.

Why No Game No Life Deserves Another Season

No Game No Life has one of the most interesting plotlines in manga and anime history, even for the isekai genre.

Ever since its first streaming, fans have been screaming for an anime sequel, especially since it ended at a pretty awkward part in the story that it almost feels like the anime adaptation was made with plans for a season 2 in mind.

Is Another No Game No Life Season Possible?

There's still lots of source material to pull from for another anime adaptation as the anime only covered three of the eleven volumes, with the movie covering volume six only. If we go by that, a No Game No Life season two is indeed possible.

However, the whole series was mired in controversy as the author, Yuu Kamiya, had been accused of plagiarizing some of the characters. He has since apologized and even paid these artists, but fans think this may well be reason enough for NGNL to never get a sequel.

Others disagree though, considering the movie was released after the issue came out.

All things considered, I think it's fine to keep our fingers crossed that a second season does get released.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Anime that deserve another season Cyberpunk Edgerunners
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Stuck in the tech-fuelled world of Night City, David Martinez lives in the slums with his single mother who works to make ends meet and pay for his education until she's caught up in gang warfare and killed.

When David discovers a valuable enhancement that offers the wearer superhuman speed, but with a psychological cost, he decides to get it implanted.

Leaving his school life behind, David descends into the underbelly of Night City, teaming up with Lucy and a gang of hopeful criminals as they try to make a name for themselves.

Why Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Deserves Another Season

Many fans immediately flinch at the idea of either a videogame adaptation or a Netflix original anime. However, very quickly upon release, it was clear that Cyberpunk: Edgerunners was a little different.

The series, based on the Cyberpunk video game, was adored by fans and in many ways has restored the fortunes of the franchise.

Anime fans were bowled over by the incredible visuals from Studio Trigger, along with the great characters, bringing to life the colourful, dangerous world of Night City.

Is Another Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Season Possible?

Unfortunately, it's very unlikely right now that another Cyberpunk: Edgerunners season will be produced. However, given its success, we wouldn't write it off forever!

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners was a collaborative effort between Studio Trigger and CD Projekt Red. Getting the go-ahead and then producing another season would probably involve a lot of collaboration and clearing of calendars, which might put both sides off the idea.

If it was possible, though, there's the issue of the story. Without trying to spoil too much, lots of Cyberpunk: Edgerunner's characters don't make it to the end of the series, so it very much feels like a self-contained event.

That being said, given how popular it was, could there be a temptation to do something else in the Cyberpunk world in the future?

Lycoris Recoil

Anime that deserve another season Lycoris Recoil
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Japan has one of the lowest numbers of terrorist attacks in the world, thanks to a secret organisation known as Lycoris – undercover hitmen that look like schoolgirls and snuff out potential threats before they arise.

Takina is a star within the Lycoris organisation. However, when she fails to cooperate with other Lycoris, she's removed from the main branch and forced to work at Cafe LycoReco, a cafe that doubles as the hub for a small group that works on the fringes of the organisation.

At Cafe LycoReco, Takina is taken under the wing of a bubbly but work-shy Lycoris named Chisato. Forming an unlikely duo, Chisato agrees to help Takina find her place back in the heart of the Lycoris organisation.

Why Lycoris Recoil Deserves Another Season

Lycoris Recoil was a rare experience when it aired in Summer 2022. Not only was it a completely original anime, but its popularity seemed to grow after every episode, slowly but surely becoming the season's must-watch series!

In the first season, fans fell in love with the dynamic between Chisato and Takina. There were even questions about whether Lycoris Recoil would become a yuri anime!

However, beyond their will-they-won't-they dynamic, Lycoris Recoil was a super fun series that won over fans and critics.

Is Another Lycoris Recoil Season Possible?

Another season of Lycoris Recoil is definitely possible, and something we will surely see eventually after the success of the first season.

Lycoris Recoil's ending leaves room for more stories to be told in the future. The potential for more content has also been confirmed by Lycoris Recoil director Shingo Adachi.

As it's an original anime, the source material issue changes. While we're not waiting for more manga volumes to be released, a sequel might depend on the availability of Adachi and original creator Asaura to create a story for the second season.

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Taiga holding a katana sheath over Ryuuji's head.
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Ryuuji is kind, gentle, and overall a good guy, but his eyes make him look like a delinquent and his classmates are mistakenly intimidated.

In his second year in high school, he gets in the same class with his best friend, his secret crush, and the school's "most dangerous" student, Taiga, who happens to have secret feelings for his best friend.

In a turn of events, the two work together to try and get with their respective crushes.

They're also next-door neighbors, by the way. Things shouldn't be too hard, right?

Why Toradora Deserves Another Season

Toradora! is one of those 2000s romance anime that are on everybody's all-time favorites lists. In 25 episodes, the anime captures the beauty and angst of high school love in a manner that's unforced and satisfying.

The story progression is so natural that fans can't help but want more as it would be such a treat to see how life continues for the characters.

Is Another Toradora Season Possible?

It's been a decade since the anime went on air, and with the source material having already ended, it might be futile to expect a second season.

However, it's not unheard of for sequels or spin-offs to be anime-onlies, where new material is made directly for anime production. While there isn't any news for a season 2 of Toradora, as long as it still has a pretty solid following, there's no harm in wishing for one!

Akame ga Kill!

A close-up of Tatsumi.
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Tatsumi, a country boy, goes to the capital with his friends to join the army and save his poverty-stricken village.

He meets the Night Raid, a band of assassins that got together with the goal of overthrowing the corrupt empire, and he is easily won over. The story follows the group's journey toward this cause.

Why Akame ga Kill Deserves Another Season

As far as the story goes, there isn't much to go on for Akame ga Kill!, but it deserves another season because fans need closure.

As one of the most brutal and heartbreaking anime to ever go on air, it would be nice if we could at least be given a happier ending.

Is Another Akame ga Kill Season Possible?

The anime's creators pretty much wrapped the story up differently than the manga, which ended much later than the anime did. This ending, which is in a lot of ways different from the manga ending, doesn't leave much room for a second season.

Though we can't really count on a story to pick up from the anime's conclusion, fans can at least hope for an anime of the story's prequel, Akame ga Kill! Zero.

My Little Monster

Haru and Shizuku kissing.
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+ 13

Shizuku has her eyes, mind, and body set on one thing alone: to excel in her studies. It doesn't seem like much of a problem since she doesn't have school relationships to veer her away from this goal.

That is until Shizuku is asked to deliver homework to Haru, a classmate who got suspended earlier in the year due to rumors of violent acts.

Shizuku quickly finds that the "delinquent" might not be all that bad. The two friendless high schoolers begin to form a quirky relationship that's equally peppered with romance and comedy.

Why My Little Monster Deserves Another Season

My Little Monster is a highly successful shoujo anime that only has 13 episodes.

I think it deserves a second season because fans like me want more of this relationship between two misfits who are only beginning to understand how amazing, confusing, and chest-squeezing first love can be.

Is Another My Little Monster Season Possible?

The manga ended serialization in 2013 and considering most anime are made to promote their source material, there's not much chance for a second season of My Little Monster to ever be in the works.

But it's not entirely a pointless hope since the anime only covered less than half of the 14 manga volumes. With enough pressure and calls for a season two by the fans, who knows if we might just get that second season!

Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless

Oota carrying Tanaka on his shoulder.
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Everybody has days of pure lethargy and zero energy to do anything. For Tanaka, it's the only way to live life.

Lucky for him, he has Oota, a classmate who had, for some reason, made it his life's mission to look after Tanaka, at least until high school ends.

Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless is a laid-back, wholesome, and funny slice-of-life anime about male friendships.

Why Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless Deserves Another Season

Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless is a very comforting series that's true to its slice-of-life nature: no heavy fights, no intense confrontations, and no serious conflicts.

I believe that the anime deserves a second season because it's such a refreshing series that's a real "comfort show," and all its characters are really worth knowing more about.

Is Another Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless Season Possible?

There's lots more left in the manga to animate so it's not exactly a question of whether it's possible or not, but rather how profitable a second instalment would be.

Sadly, given that there's nothing for the anime to promote, chances for us to see more of Tanaka's and Oota's daily lives are slim.

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

Nozaki holding Chiyo in mid-air.
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+ 13

Chiyo is in love with her schoolmate, Nozaki-kun. After school one day, she decides to confess to him, but he completely misunderstands and gives her an autograph instead.

Nozaki-kun turns out to be a very popular manga artist who goes by a pseudonym.

As she tries to correct the mix-up, she somehow ends up becoming his apprentice-slash-assistant. And so the not-love story between the two starts to blossom.

Why Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Deserves Another Season

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun is a ridiculously funny anime, in case the summary I provided didn't give that away.

Though the story's main protagonists are Chiyo and Nozaki, the anime also introduces us to other characters who have their own hilarious stories.

It deserves a second season because fans couldn't get enough of the funny romance that each episode is packed full with.

Is Another Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Season Possible?

The 4koma (four-panel) manga series that the anime was based on is currently ongoing, so that means there's lots of original material to make an anime out of.

However, there hasn't been any talk of a possibility of a season 2. I think it should, though, as we might just be able to see if Nozaki would ever become less dense.

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The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Mashiro sitting under a tree.
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+ 13

Sakurasou is a dorm for "problem" students. After being unable to let go of a stray cat he'd rescued, Sorata reluctantly agrees to stay there.

Not long after, he is somehow strapped to an obligation of taking care of Mashiro, a pretty, world-famous artist who's kind but dense on so many levels.

As the story goes, Sorata slowly realizes that the people in the dorm aren't exactly problematic, just gifted and eccentric, and the dorm members of Sakurasou forge a bond that nothing can break.

Why The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Deserves Another Season

Underneath all the light comedy and fan service is a sweet and touching story of friendship among people who are thought to be outcasts.

It's a story that promotes self-acceptance and understanding of others at the same time that's presented in such a stunning art and animation style.

The series ends with the seniors graduating, and we see Sorata and Mashiro welcoming the incoming freshmen dorm members. It might be a stretch at this point, but wouldn't it be nice to see how a new batch of Sakurasou members would fare?

Is Another The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Season Possible?

Out of the 13 volumes of the light novel it was sourced from, the anime only covered six. There's lots of great material to turn into anime, although there isn't much information about whether a second season will ever happen.

It's a bummer, but at least we still have the light novel to run to!


Chitanda and Oreki in a fantastical visualization.
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Freshman and "energy-saver" Oreki Houtarou isn't planning on living a vibrant, rose-colored high school life. When his sister suggests that he join his school's Classics Club, he goes for it, thinking since it had no members he'd have an excuse to spend some relaxing time alone.

He couldn't have been more wrong, as when he goes to the club room for the first time, he meets Chitanda Eru, a curious, big-eyed girl that puts his energy-saving high school plan in jeopardy. The problem? He couldn't say no to her.

Why Hyouka Deserves Another Season

Hyouka has a very promising storyline, which comes as no surprise considering that it was originally based on a light novel.

By the end of the anime, viewers are teased with a romantic tint added to the story, and it's sad how we are yet to see if it ever grows.

Plus, the art and animation were superb (KyoAni really put their all into it). It'd be a shame if that were to be the last we'd see of the animated members of Kamiyama High's Classics Club.

Is Another Hyouka Season Possible?

It is, but it won't be coming anytime soon. For one, the light novel's author, Honobu Yonezawa, writes at such a leisurely pace that there just isn't enough material to cover yet.

Don't get me wrong, I respect the creative process, which is why I don't really think that to be a problem. The more pressing issue is the current status of Kyoto Animation, which is still on the road to recovery following a tragic arson attack in 2019.

Well, let's just keep hoping! After all, Yonezawa-sensei has confirmed that he's working on the light novel's seventh volume so we at least have that to go by.

Flowers of Evil

Nakamura in an imagined happy place.
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+ 13

Quiet, reserved, and gentle Kasuga is in love with his classmate Saeki. One day, unable to hold back his teenage urges, he picks up her sports uniform and takes it home.

With the guilt eating him up, he plans to return it. Unfortunately, news had already spread across school about a pervert having stolen Saeki's uniform.

Kasuga becomes afraid to go through with his plan and without thinking, decides to hold on to it. What he doesn't know is that someone saw what he did and plans to use it against him.

Why Flowers of Evil Deserves Another Season

In a few words, Flowers of Evil is unique, edgy, eccentric, and controversial.

The story in itself is pretty dark, especially considering that its main characters are high schoolers that are made to appear unhinged. But it's precisely these elements that make for such a great watch.

The animation style is a hit or miss for most people, as it makes use of relatively unrefined rotoscoping methods that may or may not have been done on purpose.

While that can be off-putting to some, especially to those who've read the manga, the art style perfectly adds to the eerie atmosphere that clouds over the whole premise.

It deserves a second season because the series ends just as viewers—and Kasuga himself—begin to understand the life that the main characters are meant to live.

Is Another Flowers of Evil Season Possible?

At the end of the first season, viewers are given a peek into what will happen in the next one.

It looked like production for a second season had already started, but unfortunately, the anime's fanbase wasn't strong enough and there wasn't enough demand.

It didn't matter that its fans, though few, strongly felt that there had to be a second season. It just wasn't financially viable.

No matter how interesting and brilliant the series had been, I'm afraid fans will be waiting in vain for a season 2 – though we're not losing all hope.

Amagi Brilliant Park

Kanie looking distressed behind Sento, who's holding a smoking gun.
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+ 13

Seiya Kanie is a narcissistic perfectionist. When the beautiful Isuzu Sento invites him to an amusement park, he thinks it's a date. What greets him is a rundown amusement facility and an out-of-the-blue request for him to be the park's manager.

After being won over by the newly found knowledge of the Maple Landers, magical beings living in the park, he accepts and sets out to reach the annual quota of 500,000 visitors so the park doesn't get closed down for good. He has less than three months.

Why Amagi Brilliant Park Deserves Another Season

Amagi Brilliant Park is an underrated series that definitely deserves more than the attention it's currently getting.

Its fans are relatively few compared to other shows, but they're really passionate ones, which speaks volumes about how much the anime scores on the enjoyability scale. I mean, who doesn't want any more Kanie x Sento moments, right?

Is Another Amagi Brilliant Park Season Possible?

While AmaBuri isn't super popular within or outside Japan, there's still hope for a second season.

In 2020, the series' author, Shoji Gatoh, tweeted about how he had begun working on the light novel's ninth volume. Surely, that can count for something!

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