The Best Romance Anime on Hulu Right Now

The Best Romance Anime on Hulu Right Now Kaguya Shinomiya

The Best Romance Anime on Hulu Right Now Kaguya Shinomiya

Hulu is emerging as one of the sought-after streaming platforms for anime. Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, and other platforms have an elaborate collection, but Hulu, too, has a plethora of great romance anime titles. So, we have compiled a list of the best romance anime on Hulu right now.

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  1. Snow White with the Red Hair

    Shirayuki is a happy, red-haired girl living in Tanbarun. She is a hard-working apothecary at a local herbal shop.

    However, her life takes a turn when the prince of Tanbarun, Raji, notices her and wants her to become his concubine.

    Shirayuki is not willing to give up her freedom and decides to run away. She ends up deep inside the forest where she is saved by Zen Wistalia, the prince of a neighboring country.

    She vows to repay her debt of gratitude by working as the court herbalist in Clarines. The romance and fantasy anime follows Shirayuki’s new life in Clarines.

    Meanwhile, Zen is striving to become a better prince for his country. Shirayuki and Zen forge a deep connection while fighting dangerous enemies.

  2. Say "I Love You"

    After Mei Tachibana was wrongly accused of the death of a pet by her friends in school, she stayed away from getting closer to people.

    She doesn’t wish to get hurt again but a chance encounter with Yamato Kurosawa, the most popular boy in school, changes her life.

    Yamato is mesmerized by Mei but she doesn’t want to be friends with him. However, Yamato saves her from a stalker and even kisses her.

    After the kiss, Mei falls in love with him. As the feelings are mutual, they start dating each other.

    Meanwhile, Mei is finding it difficult to adapt to a new lifestyle as she struggles to share her feelings.

    But they eventually grow closer and discover the real meaning of love.

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  3. Nana

    Nana Komatsu is a cheerful and outgoing woman with a happy and stable past. She dreams to find love and settle down in life with her partner.

    Nana Osaki is an ambitious and rebellious young woman. She is the front woman of a punk band named Black Stones and wishes to gain recognition and fame.

    The two meet each other for the first time in Tokyo as they pursue their respective dreams. Later, they end up living under one roof as roommates.

    They are poles apart but start to bond with each other. This drama and romance anime explores their journey as they start supporting each other’s dreams.

  4. Devils' Line

    Devils’ Line is a supernatural romance anime that showcases devils and vampires. The vampires are part of society and interestingly, they don’t need blood to live.

    However, emotions can increase bloodlust turning the vampires into deadly beasts. Tsukasa, who is a college student, is saved from a lethal attack by a devil.

    Her savior is Anzai, who is a half-devil and part of the police force that takes care of devil-related crime in Tokyo. Anzai continues to look after Tsukasa and the two, quickly form a bond.

    However, this bond tests Anzai’s biggest fear that he might break his rule of never consuming human blood.

  5. Ouran High School Host Club

    Haruhi Fujioka is a dedicated student. She has recently joined the renowned Ouran Academy.

    One day, she ends up at the peculiar and widely popular Host Club of Ouran Academy. She tries to leave but accidentally breaks a vase on her way out.

    Unable to pay for it, she is asked to do odd jobs for the club. Soon, the club members realize that she would be a valuable asset as a member of the Host Club.

    Meanwhile, the members don’t realize she is a girl and give her a male uniform.

    Soon, she becomes one of the most loved hosts and the club decides to continue with her even after they learn the truth.

    Haruhi has no choice but to play along and do what the club says. During this journey, she finds new people to bond with, makes new friends, and gains acceptance in the club.

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  6. Yona of the Dawn

    Kouka Kingdom is blessed with princess Yona whose innocence impresses everyone. She is raised in the royal palace and shielded from the evil world outside.

    However, her world comes crashing down when her cousin Soo-won murders her father and takes over the throne.

    Now, Yona teams up with her bodyguard and childhood friend Hak to fight against Soo-won in this historical, romantic anime series.

  7. Horimiya

    Miyamura and Hori are two different personalities and nobody can ever think they would get along.

    Horimiya is a school romance anime that follows Hori who is the epitome of beauty and brains.

    Meanwhile, Miyamura looks like a meek boy. However, the two cross paths and discover more about each other.

    Hori is super popular in school but she hardly gets time to socialize because of household work. Elsewhere, Miyamura bears secret tattoos and piercings on his body.

    Soon, they start spending time together at Hori’s place and romance starts to blossom between the two.

  8. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

    Sawako Kuronuma’s ultimate desire is to make new friends. However, her fellow classmates fear her presence because she looks like Sadako from the Japanese movie series titled The Ring.

    She is pushed away by her classmates until she befriends Shota Kazehaya, who is one of the most popular boys.

    He is known for his easygoing nature and quickly becomes friends with Sawako.

    As Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You progresses, Sawako finds out about the impact of Shota on her life.

    But little does she know that even she has made a mark in Shota’s life.

  9. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

    Magic Knights are magic users who battle using weapons made from their souls. Ikki Kurogane attends a school for the Magic Knights.

    But he is called a failed knight who fails because he doesn’t possess any magical skills.

    One day, he is challenged to a battle by Stella, who is a star performer and a foreign princess.

    In this battle, the loser becomes the slave of the winner for life. Who will win this battle?

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  10. Your Lie in April

    Your Lie in April follows Kousei Arima who is a child prodigy for playing the piano like a professional. He is guided by his strict mother and wins competition after competition.

    After his mother’s untimely death, he is unable to touch the piano or hear the sound of it. Moreover, he quits performing on stage.

    He now lives the life of a quiet junior high school student with his friends Ryouta Watari and Tsubaki Sawabe.

    Meanwhile, Kousei continues to get over his mother’s passing while trying to cling to music.

    Later, his life turns around when he comes across a unique violinist named Kaori Miyazono.

    She pushes him to perform as her accompanist. Soon, Kousei and Kaori grow closer as the latter fills his life with the color of music and love.

  11. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

    There is a rumor spreading about the phenomenon called Puberty Syndrome, which is a rare disease affecting only teenagers.

    Meanwhile, Sakuta Azusagawa is a high school student who sees a bunny girl in the library. The girl is named Mai Sakurajima who turns out to be Sakuta’s upperclassman.

    For some strange reason, people around Mai cannot see her in the bunny girl outfit. Sakuta decides to investigate this case and solve the mystery.

    He starts spending more time with Mai and realizes his feelings for her. In the meantime, there are others like Mai who start appearing before him.

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  12. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

    Bell Cranel is an adventurer living in Orario. He ends up becoming the only family member of Hestia Familia.

    Initially, he was weak compared to other dungeon crawlers. However, he acquired a special skill that made him extremely powerful.

    But he needs to be closer to Aiz, the Sword Princess, to continue to retain his newfound ability.

    Bell, with the help of Goddess Hestia and other people who adore him, declares to give his best to stand alongside Aiz.

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  13. ItaKiss

    ItaKiss is a rom-com anime revolving around two high school students named Kotoko and Naoki.

    Kotoko finally confesses her love to her senior Naoki. However, Naoki, who is this handsome young boy, rejects her proposal.

    Later, fate conspires to bring them together when an earthquake destroys Kotoko’s house.

    While the house is getting rebuilt, Kotoko and her father start staying at her dad’s childhood friend’s house.

    It turns out to be Naoki’s house. Will they eventually bond and couple up?

  14. My Love Story!!

    This school romance anime follows Goda Takeo, a first year in high school.

    Goda is rather unlucky in love because all the girls he likes end up falling in love with his best friend, Suna.

    His life changes when one day he saves a girl from getting groped on the train. He falls for the girl but fears that she might be interested in his friend.

    Will he ever be able to write his love story?

  15. Kamisama Kiss

    Nanami’s evicted from her house after her father runs into debt-related problems. She runs into Mikage, a man who fears dogs.

    She saves him from a dog attacking him. As a token of gratitude, he gives her his house.

    With nowhere to go, she accepts the offer. Her new house is a rundown shrine.

    Upon arriving, she is almost killed by Tomoe, who was expecting Mikage’s return after 20 years.

    Tomoe is not willing to accept Nanami as the land god and even mocks her. Nanami did not want to take away Tomoe’s home and decides to leave.

    However, Nanami tracks her down and she seals a contract with him.

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  16. Maid Sama!

    Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female student council president of a recently converted co-ed school. She is known for following strict rules.

    However, she has a secret – she works as a server in a maid café because of certain family issues.

    Meanwhile, a popular student named Takumi Usui learns about her secret.

    He strikes a deal with her to keep it a secret from her classmates in exchange for spending some quality time with him.

  17. Fruits Basket

    A family tragedy turns Tohru Honda’s life upside down. She decides to take matters into her own hands and start living out of a tent.

    Accidentally, she pitches her tent in the garden of a private property belonging to the Sohma family. The mysterious family decides to take her in.

    However, the Sohma family has a secret. When the opposite sex touches a member of the clan, they turn into animals of the Chinese zodiac.

    With this revelation, Tohru realizes that she is in for an adventure filled with friendship and romance.

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  18. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

    Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya are the two top students who are the shining stars of the prestigious Shuchiin Academy’s student body.

    In Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Miyuki is the student council president, while Kaguya, the eldest daughter of the Shinomiya family, serves as the vice president.

    They are regarded as the perfect couple by their fellow students in the council.

    Meanwhile, they both have feelings for each other but neither is willing to admit it.

    In fact, the first to confess is bound to lose in the game of love. With their honor on the line, Kaguya and Miyuki vow to emerge victorious.

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