The 10 Best Supernatural Anime You Should Watch in 2022

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The Best Supernatural Anime You Should Watch
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The supernatural anime genre encompasses a wide range of elements. It is so diverse that it embraces anything that is perceived to be peculiar. With that said, supernatural anime includes aspects such as ghosts, magic, unusual happenings, and miracles, to mention a few. In this article, we've covered the best supernatural anime you should watch to get you started in the genre!

We've also covered the funniest comedy anime of all time and the most wholesome anime to watch, just to mention a few! Anime has so many genres with branching themes and features that everyone can enjoy and have a one-of-a-kind experience.


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  1. Jingai-san no Yome

    Jingai-san no Yome is a blend of supernatural with elements of fantasy, romance, and comedy. This supernatural anime promises an adorable and pleasant experience that will keep viewers amused despite its short run time of only three minutes per episode, thanks to its adorable and ludicrous premise.

    The anime follows Tomori Hinowa, a high school student who becomes ensnared in an arranged marriage with Kanenogi, a strange fluffy creature. While Tomori initially rejects Kanenogi's proposal, he later accepts Kanenogi's offer. The anime chronicles the married life of the peculiar husband and wife.

  2. Iroduku: The World in Colors

    If you liked Violet Evergarden by Kyoto Animation, then Iroduku: The World in Colors is an anime that you will enjoy and find to be your cup of tea. With a stunning soundtrack, graphics, and character designs, this supernatural anime is a must-see.

    Iroduku: The World in Colors tells the story of Hitomi Tsukishiro, a colorblind girl from a family of witches who despises magic and loses the people she cares about as the years pass. Hitomi is sent 60 years into the past by her grandmother, Kohaku, in order to gain a better understanding of herself and her abilities.

  3. The Morose Mononokean

    The Morose Mononokean is a supernatural anime based on Kiri Wazawa's manga that explores Hanae Ashiya's unfortunate and unusual high school years. Hanae encounters a mysterious fuzzy creature that attaches itself to him before his first day of school. While his health continues to deteriorate as a result of the creature's feeding on him, he needs to find an exorcist who can save him from dying.

    Having said that, Hanae stumbles upon the Mononokean, a tea room where a morose-sounding man named Haruitsuki Abeno offers his services to exterminate the creature.

    Abeno demands payment after successfully exorcising the creature. Since the fee is so high, Hanae is forced to work for Abeno, who is also one of his classmates. Together, Abeno and Hanae must collaborate in order to guide a powerful youkai back into the Underworld.

  4. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

    Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is an incredible anime with fantastic character interactions and side-by-side banter. It is a worthwhile anime to watch. It contains just the right amount of levity, mystery, romance, and supernatural elements. It also has a strong narrative and plot twists that will keep the audience interested.

    The anime follows Sakuta Azusagawa, a seemingly ordinary high school student, as he meets Mai Sakurajima, a wild bunny girl who appears to be invisible to everyone except him. Having said that, his life takes a dramatic turn as he attempts to solve the mystery of Mai Sakurajima, a phenomenon he refers to as Adolescence Syndrome.

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  5. Boogiepop and Others

    Boogiepop and Others is a supernatural anime with an enigmatic, perplexing, and bizarre plot. The anime adaptation, true to the light novel, properly executes the mystery surrounding the urban legend of Boogiepop.

    This anime not only addresses underlying messages about the meaning of life but also delves into the flaws of human nature. Hence, if you enjoy complex supernatural anime, this is the show for you.

    Boogiepop and Others are based on the urban legend of Boogiepop, who is said to be a Shinigami who murders people to relieve them of their suffering. Some critics compare Boogiepop to the Grim Reaper. With a string of mysterious disappearances in Shinyo Academy, Boogiepop reappears as an alter ego of Touka Miyashita to track down the culprit.

  6. Itou Junji: Collection

    Itou Junji: Collection is a highly anticipated horror and supernatural anime based on the works of talented mangaka Junji Itou. While he is known for his outlandish designs and stories, the anime adaptation is surprisingly creepy when needed.

    It's a good anime, but don't expect much. It's a decent watch that comes close to capturing the essence of the manga but falls short. In any case, whether or not they have read the manga, fans generally approve of the anime adaptation.

    Itou Junji: Collection, as the name suggests, narrates Junji Itou's horror and supernatural stories from his manga. The Fashion Model, Slug Girl, Greased Bridge, and Supernatural Transfer Student are among the fan favorites in this episodic anime.

  7. Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

    Toilet-bound Hanako-kun is a charming supernatural anime with a strange art style, organic humor, and a light-hearted atmosphere that is worth watching. It's an irresistible anime, especially with its endearing protagonist, who has a solid reputation in the anime community. The anime also delves into the supernatural and Japanese folklore of the "seven wonders" or "seven mysteries" in Japanese schools.

    The anime follows Nene Yashiro, a young girl who is looking for a boyfriend but manages to summon the supernatural entity known as "Hanako-kun," who currently governs the school's seven mysteries.

    Nene, as Hanako's assistant, becomes entangled in a series of supernatural events as both of them strive to maintain the delicate balance between mortals and apparitions.

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  8. Link Click

    Link Click is a Chinese supernatural anime that has received widespread acclaim from the anime community. It's an incredible show with an intriguing plot that's unlike any other. If you can look past the anime's Chinese dubbing, you'll have a wonderful time. It is also an underrated anime that audiences should watch right now!

    The anime follows Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, a time-traveling duo, as they use their supernatural powers to enter their clientele's photos one by one, episode by episode, in order to work on their customers' requests.

    With that said, they work in a modest photographic studio called "Time Photo Studio," which appears to be an abandoned photography house but is actually a supernatural dimension where Cheng Xiao Shi and Lu Guang perform miracles.

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  9. The Ancient Magus Bride

    The Ancient Magus Bride is a supernatural anime with a magnificent art style, nice music, feel-good animation, an intriguing plot, and well-written characters.

    While some fans believe the anime is polarizing and romanticizing slavery, others say the criticism is unfounded because the anime confronts the topic as it advances from episode to episode. In any case, The Ancient Magus Bride is a decent anime with a moving story.

    The Ancient Magus Bride is about a high school student named Chise Hatori, who has been a victim of neglect and abuse throughout her life and has never known and experienced anything resembling love. She has been shunned by her family and parents, prompting her to sell herself at an auction in London.

    Pilum Muralis, also known as Elias Ainsworth, unexpectedly acquires Chise for five million pounds. However, Elias is an unusual being with both fae and human elements. Chise and Elias' master-and-servant relationship begins to take shape as they try to understand each other despite their widely divergent upbringings.

  10. Wonder Egg Priority

    Wonder Egg Priority is a supernatural anime that many fans, including popular anime YouTubers, recommend. It's one of those anime shows with a trippy psychological plot that develops over time and wows viewers with its twists and turns as the show nears its conclusion.

    While it presents a complicated to watch theme, Wonder Egg Priority manages to successfully execute its underlying message with stellar production values, pleasant character designs, feel-good music, and an intriguing plot.

    Wonder Egg Priority follows Ai Ohto, a junior high school student who is having a nervous breakdown after her best friend Koito Nagase's suicide. While she is feeling down and lost about what she needs to do with her life, she happens to hear a mysterious entity instructing her to dispense a "Wonder Egg" from a mysterious gachapon machine.

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