Where to Read the Fruits Basket Manga Legally Online

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Where to Read Fruits Basket Manga Legally Online Tohru
Credit: TMS Entertainment

Fruits Basket is one of the most iconic manga of all time. It is perfect for those looking for a quiet, funny, and profoundly human story. The shojo anime adaptation has finished airing, but where can you read the Fruits Basket manga legally online? Here are the best places where you can access the manga online!

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Yen Press

Read Fruits Basket Manga Online Legally Tohru
Credit: TMS Entertainment

While the manga has been complete for more than a decade, you can't go wrong with the publisher, Yen Press. It still publishes Fruits Basket and has compiled collector's editions relatively recently.

Unfortunately, Yen Press no longer publishes digital versions of the original Fruits Basket, though digital copies of the spinoff Fruits Basket: Another are still available.

Yen Press will also direct you to other providers, such as Barnes and Noble, where digital editions are available for $12.99 per volume.


Read Fruits Basket Manga Online Legally Kyo
Credit: TMS Entertainment

ComiXology is a huge, Amazon-owned digital comic resource with over 25,000 Japanese and western titles. It's Kindle-friendly, so if you always read using your Kindle device or app, it's worth considering.

One of the Fruits Basket Collector's Edition Volumes costs around $14.50, which might seem a bit pricey.

However, these editions are larger than usual and involve more chapters, as well as exclusive content.


Read Fruits Basket Manga Online Legally Isuzu
Credit: TMS Entertainment

Book☆Walker is an excellent resource not only for digital manga but also for light novels.

As a rule of thumb, you will find many popular titles costing less than print copies, and Fruits Basket is no exception.


The digital edition of one of the special edition volumes of Fruits Basket comes at $12.85.


Read Fruits Basket Manga Online Legally Yuki
Credit: TMS Entertainment

If you want to read Fruits Basket through an app, Rakuten Kobo is an option.

Each Fruits Basket Special Edition Volume currently costs around $26.49, making this a little pricier than the rest.

Google Play and iBooks

Read Fruits Basket Manga Online Legally Momiji
Credit: TMS Entertainment

If you want to have your manga available on your phone wherever you are, Google Play for Android and iBooks for iPhones are classic choices.

A Collector's Edition Volume of Fruits Basket costs $12.99 in Apple Books.

Android users might be able to find it on Play Store but it's not available in all countries currently.

Similarly, you can also find Fruits Basket on the Google Play Store.

If you have completed the Fruits Basket manga, you can also watch Fruits Basket on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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