Attack on Titan: Hajime Isayama Shares His Thoughts on Character Deaths

There is little doubt that deaths define Attack on Titan. The manga's storyline has always been about death. So how does Hajime Isayama truly feel about the subject? The manga creator has shared his thoughts on death and it's surprisingly hopeful.

Isayama's latest interview covered everything about the franchise and the creator opened up about his work process on the manga. At one point, Isayama discussed his thoughts on the deaths of the characters he had created.

"Regarding the deaths of characters: Yams thinks that from the perspective of an author, he can always show these deceased characters in panels again through memory scenes, so he doesn't feel like Oh these characters are dead,'" the transcription of the interview reads.

There have been several deaths throughout the manga and anime. However, the most recent death that truly struck a chord with fans was that of Sasha Braus. After all, Sasha was killed by the young Gabi and her death seemed like the most senseless one in the fourth season of the anime.

The interview also revealed some interesting things about how Isayama created his characters. For instance, the creator confirmed that Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert each represented a certain virtue. Eren represented courage while Mikasa stood for strength. Armin represented wisdom in the manga as well as the anime.

Fans who are hoping for some new content can look forward to the second part of Attack on Titan Season 4 next year. Although the release date has not yet been announced, new episodes are expected to drop in Winter 2022.

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