Alice in Borderland Season 2 Release Date Confirmed as Teaser Reveals First Face Card Game

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It has been a long wait but we finally have an official release date for Alice in Borderland Season 2. In addition to that, the latest teaser actually has new footage revealing the first Face Card game in the Second Stage.

The new Alice in Borderland Season 2 teaser was unveiled during the Netflix TUDUM event and it opens with footage from the first season. However, it is immediately confirmed that the game will now commence and the players are promptly thrown into action. Check it out below.

There is already a lot to unpack from the new footage. For instance, Ryohei Arisu is shown looking out at Tokyo buildings that have been overrun by foliage. We also get to see Yuzuha Usagi in action, leaping from one shipping container to another.

The teaser also brings back some familiar faces (including Koda Tatta) but we get to see a lot of new characters like Akane Heiya, Sunato Banda, and Enji Matsushita. It all concludes with a face-off between Arisu and Ginji Kyuma aka the King of Clubs, indicating the start of the first game in the Second Stage.

In addition to the teaser, the official Netflix Japan Twitter account has shared photos of Kento Yamazaki, Tao Tsuchiya, Riisa Naka, and Tomohisa Yamashita. The posts confirmed the Alice in Borderland Season 2 release date is set for December 22, 2022.

Alice in Borderland Season 2 will also star Nijiro Murakami as Chishiya, Aya Asahina as Hikari Kuina, Dori Sakurada as Suguru Niragi, Sho Aoyagi as Aguni, Ayaka Miyoshi as Ann, and Yutaro Watanabe as Koda Tatta. The new season will adapt the Second Stage of the Haro Aso manga where the players are forced to go up against the citizens in the Face Card games.

Take a trip back into the Borderlands when Alice in Borderland Season 2 premieres on Netflix on December 22, 2022.

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