Richard Gere Gets Candid About Him Joining Superhero Franchises

Anyone who’s fond of romantic comedy films might have experienced getting smitten by veteran actor Richard Gere, who rose to fame when he assumed the leading man role opposite Julia Roberts in 1990's Pretty Woman. Despite his established reputation as a leading man, Gere demonstrated in Primal Fear that he can star in any genre. Now that superhero franchises are still popular, the huge actor revealed whether or not he would like to play a superhero.

Gere is currently starring in Maybe I Do with former Shall We Dance co-star Susan Sarandon. Given that Gere and Sarandon have starred in numerous films together, the actor was asked if he considered following the steps of the Thelma & Louise star, who is entering the superhero genre as Victoria Kord in DC's Blue Beetle.

“It would depend on the quality. If they’re formulas, I’m probably not interested, but if there’s something quirky and unexpected and it doesn’t just end up with a big fight at the end of the movie – which they all do – it might be of interest to me, sure!” Gere said to ComicBookMovie.

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Given that Gere and Roberts have yet to reunite after their 1999 film Runaway Bride, fans are hopeful that they can do the reunion in one of Marvel or DC projects; however, the Notting Hill star has expressed disinterest in playing a superhero. “I don't think I would want to put on a cape,” Roberts said. “Maybe an apron. Is there a superhero apron?”

It appears that superhero fans are dying to see actors from the romantic genre because, aside from Gere, romantic comedy star Kate Hudson was also previously asked if she would be willing to join Marvel, to which she answered, “I'd be open to it, for sure. Why not? If it was right, I would love it, I think I’d have a lot of fun.”

With James Gunn rebranding DC’s extended universe with countless characters in need of a new face to play them, Gere’s remarkable talent might have a room to shine under DC’s new management.

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Maybe I Do arrives in cinemas on January 27.

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