Warm Bodies TV Adaptation Surprisingly Finding its Way to Screen

Warm Bodies, the film, debuted in 2013 and quickly became a fan favorite for being an original, cute, and entertaining post-apocalyptic romance starring emerging actors such as Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer. Ten years after it became a smash hit for its intended audience, the book's author shared some promising information that will likely continue the narrative of the apocalyptic love story.

In an interview with Syfy, Isaac Marion teased a potential television adaptation of Warm Bodies that would include his entire series of books. The author stated that there has always been discussion about making a film sequel, but that the "movie sequel morphed into a TV series." While a television adaptation of Warm Bodies was announced to be in development several years ago, there haven't been any updates since, so fans are in the position to demand any new update regarding it.

“There was a time when it seemed like a sure thing, contracts were drawn up, etc., but for some reason, it keeps sliding around. Talks of a movie sequel morphed into a TV series, which was actually announced as 'in development' a couple of years ago, only to mysteriously go silent.” said Marion.

He continued, “I'm only peripherally involved at this point, so I don't actually know what's going on behind the scenes. It's all a big tease for me. But they did option all four books for TV, so it's still possible. To me, Warm Bodies is just the opening act of the story —it's actually 18 percent of the total word count — so it would be a dream to see the rest of it on screen someday.”

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Warm Bodies tells the story of an unlikely romance between a teenage girl, Julie (Teresa Palmer), and a gentle undead creature, R (Nicholas Hoult), following a zombie outbreak. R begins to admire and defend the female survivor from his fellow zombies. Meanwhile, in Julie's eyes, R stands out from the other zombies, which leads them to form a unique bond in their struggle for survival. R gradually begins to become more human, and they discover that zombies can change, while their unexpected romance also changes the world for the better.

To mark its tenth anniversary, Lionsgate is bringing Warm Bodies to 4K Ultra HD Steelbook on February 7, 2023, just in time for Valentine's Day. The zombie-focused romantic comedy story is a modern Romeo and Juliet love story that will teach a lesson or two about human connection, which many seem to fail miserably at the moment.

Given the story’s unique and creative telling, Warm Bodies will make an interesting TV show, and fans can only wait and hope that more details and firm confirmation will be communicated in the coming days because it would be such a disappointment if this TV adaptation is killed.

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