The Good Place Star Asks for An Invitation to Join the MCU

By this time, it’s becoming a common situation when an actor expresses interest in playing a superhero or joining major superhero franchises in the world, whether it’s Marvel or DC Studios. There must have been something so compelling about putting on that ferrous suit or colorful cape that gives actors the sentiment that once they take on superhero roles, their careers are set for completion. A star from the comedy series The Good Place communicated her interest in joining the MCU.

Over the years, actors like Tom Hanks, Megan Fox, Bryce Dallas Howard, Emily Blunt, and Jenson Ackles, among others, have expressed their interest in playing superheroes. Recently, D'Arcy Carden joined the mix and specifically asked Marvel to give her room in the MCU, as she is just waiting in the corner. She noted that her previous work experiences doing stunts made her realize she wanted to do more.

“There was an episode of The Good Place where I got to do a 10-minute fight scene and I worked with this amazing stuntman, a legendary stunt guy named Jeff Amato, and that was my first real dive into stunts where I was like, 'I love this.' And then we got to do a ton of stunts on A League of Their Own, working with this amazing stunt team. The more, the better. I would be very, very thrilled to do more of that. Marvel, I'm waiting!” she narrated to IndieWire.

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Carden won fans' attention after playing Janet in the NBC sitcom The Good Place. Janet serves as the principal assistant to the residents of Good Place. She helps people in the neighborhood by being a source of all information and a provider of any object as requested. Given her jolly and courteous personality, which is well-acted by Carden, she became an automatic fan favorite.

After her memorable portrayal as omniscient and teleporter Janet, Carden then assumed a lead role in the Amazon Prime series A League of Their Own as Greta Hill. A League of Their Own is a sports comedy-drama series based on the Penny Marshall classic 1992 film of the same name. Carden's Greta is a respected All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League member. She is the Rockford Peaches’ first baseman and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. Given Carden's convincing and affecting portrayal, she gathered the attention of fans and critics, leading to her growing popularity.

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Carden is currently one of the stars in Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel’s action-comedy Shotgun Wedding. Given that Marvel Studios has numerous projects every year with hundreds of comics that they can take inspiration from, they can surely give any role to the actress if the chances are that they are willing.

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