Will Hakkai and Mitsuya Defeat the Haitani Brothers in Tokyo Revengers?

Will Hakkai and Mitsuya Defeat the Haitani Brothers in Tokyo Revengers?

Will Hakkai and Mitsuya Defeat the Haitani Brothers in Tokyo Revengers?

As of this writing, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 has been delayed and is on indefinite hiatus worldwide. According to reports, one of the production staff members contracted COVID-19, causing the release of the next chapter to be halted in accordance with Japanese health protocols. Don't be discouraged, though, because the latest chapter will continue the battle! Will Hakkai and Mitsuya defeat the Haitani Brothers in Tokyo Revengers? Perhaps Chapter 248 will inform us!

Ken Wakui is putting in a lot of effort now that the manga is nearing the end of its final arc. As a result, fans are clamoring for the most recent announcements following the postponement of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248. With that said, the mangaka even issued a formal apology to fans with a doodle.

According to internet rumors, the suspension and release of the latest chapter will be stalled, so worldwide fans will have to wait a little longer to see the conclusion of the fight between Tokyo Manji and the Kanto Manji gang. However, it has been reported that the next chapter will be released on April 6, 2022, though this has not been confirmed.

In the past, the guidelines and restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have also affected the production of the live-action adaptation of the Tokyo Revengers series, according to Warner Bros.

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Hakkai and Mitsuya vs The Haitani Brothers

Hakkai and Mitsuya vs Haitani Brothers
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The clash between Tokyo Manji Gang's second division captain and vice-captain, Mitsuya and Hakkai, and Kanto Manji Gang's Ran and Rindo Haitani is expected to be featured in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 was packed with action from the last clash between the two powerful and influential gangs, in case you missed it. While Takemichi is fighting Kakucho in a fierce brawl, witnesses Chifuyu, Smiley, and Angry admire Takemichi's remarkable endurance and unwavering resolve to fight.

As a result, this scene fuels Akkun's burning desire to fight alongside Chifuyu to save Makoto and Takuya, who have been knocked out by Shion Madarame, the Kantou Manji Gang's commanding officer. Chifuyu, on the other hand, is dragged by Kanji Mochizuki, one of Tenjiku's four Heavenly Kings.

With that said a one-on-one confrontation between Akkun and Shion, as well as Chifuyu and Kanji, ignites. Hence, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 is expected to include a confrontation between these two gangs.

Meanwhile, Mitsuya is irritated by the arrogant Manjiro Sano, who appears to be taking in the view of the fight between the two gangs from atop a freight container. Mitsuya advances toward Mikey after knocking out several of his opponents, only to be stopped by Ran and Rindo Haitani. After that, the Haitani brothers launch their combo attack, pummeling Mitsuya left and right.

In his desperate state, the Haitani brothers make fun of Mitsuya, but only until Toman's second division vice-captain appears and smacks Ran Haitani down on the ground. This does not appear to be his lucky day, as the vengeful Hakkai steps in to assist his fallen captain.

The Haitani Brothers declare an all-out battle between Mitsuya and Hakkai at this point. Senju, Pah-chin, and Peh-yan continue their winning streak against their opponents on the other side of the battle.

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What Will Happen in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248?

what will happen in tokyo revengers chapter 248?
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Following the events of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247, Chapter 248 is widely expected to continue the heated battle between the Tokyo Manji and Kanto Manji Gang. The next chapter will most likely feature Mitsuya and Hakkai going all-out against the Haitani Brothers.

At the same time, manga readers may get a glimpse of the one-on-one battle between Akkun and Shion, as well as Chifuyu and Kanji. Maybe another panel for Takemichi's brawl with Kakucho while Mikey looks on from above.

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Will Hakkai and Mitsuya Defeat the Haitani Brothers?

Will Hakkai and Mitsuya Defeat The Haitani Brothers?
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Given the current state of both Hakkai and Mitsuya, it is most likely that Mitsuya will take more significant damage than Hakkai, who has already been pummeled by the Haitani Brothers' combo assault. But don't worry, we know Mitsuya is a very capable fighter with a strong desire to carry on the gang's will.

Hakkai, like Mitsuya, is a formidable fighter, as evidenced by Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247. It is widely assumed that he will assist Mitsuya to the best of his ability and continue what he did for Ran Haitani.

In any case, we still don't know because the Haitani Brothers are extremely difficult opponents who use a variety of combined attacks that only the two of them can successfully execute. Furthermore, the Haitani Brothers' respected reputation cannot be achieved unless they have a strong ability to back up their foundation.

As the battle continues, fans are eager to see if Manjiro Sano, one of the Tokyo Manji Gang's founding members, will return to the good side. Stay tuned for more Tokyo Revengers manga updates to find out what happens next, as the series' final arc has arrived!

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