Will Chainsaw Man Get a Movie?

Will Chainsaw Man Get a Movie? Chainsaw Man
Credit: MAPPA

Will Chainsaw Man Get a Movie? Chainsaw Man
Credit: MAPPA

Studio MAPPA’s Chainsaw Man anime was received with mixed reviews. Some loved it, some didn’t, especially those who petitioned the series for a reboot. But at this point, everyone is looking forward to Chainsaw Man Season 2 and possibly an anime movie. So, will Chainsaw Man get a movie?

Chainsaw Man made its anime debut in the fall of 2022, giving the anime community a total of 12 episodes, running for a single cour.

This is one of the dark trio of shounen anime that has recently received an anime adaptation.

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Will Chainsaw Man Get a Movie?

As of writing, it hasn’t been confirmed that Chainsaw Man will get a movie. But this doesn’t mean there’s no possibility of it happening. After all, the action, supernatural anime has been receiving a lot of hype and interest since its debut.

A Chainsaw Man movie will not be surprising, given the cinematic quality of the anime’s first season.

It will be a major treat for the viewers to see Denji and the other characters in action in theaters! Imagine how cool it would be to see Chainsaw Man on the big screen.

Unlike other shounen anime, Chainsaw Man has a fast pacing. This means that having a movie will help slow down the anime, at least for a bit.

If there's no movie on the horizon, chances are, the production staff will have to fill in the anime original and/or filler to prolong the adaptation.

We can also assume that Chainsaw Man's movie will follow the same pattern as Demon Slayer’s Mugen Train movie.

The Mugen Train movie adapted 12 chapters from the Demon Slayer manga, which is exactly the same number of chapters as the Bomb Girl arc of the Chainsaw Man manga.

There’s also a lot of content in the Bomb Girl arc that will be fitting for a movie.

The plot of the arc is pretty much self-contained, which makes for a good movie adaptation. It has romance, comedy, action, and drama all rolled into one story arc!

Will Chainsaw Man Get a Movie?
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Credit: MAPPA

There are also rumors circulating online, especially on the Chinese social networking site Weibo, about Chainsaw Man Season 2 and a movie adaptation.

It was received with mixed reactions, highlighting the possible coverage of the Chainsaw Man movie.

However, the problem with anime movies is the limited access for international fans, not to mention the waiting time.

Usually, anime movies get an international release date 8–12 months after their Japanese premiere, which is quite a long time.

What Will the Chainsaw Man Movie Cover?

What Will the Chainsaw Man Movie Cover? Denji
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Credit: MAPPA

If confirmed, the Chainsaw Man movie will most likely cover the Bomb Girl arc, which means the spotlight will shift to Reze, one of Denji’s love interests in the entire series.

It is one of the most interesting arcs in the series, as well as one of the most devastating.

That said, we highly encourage everyone to prepare for the explosive anime debut of Reze!

Whether you have read the manga or have seen any fan art about Reze, you’ll probably know by now that she’s one of the most beloved characters in the series. We can’t say any more about her due to spoilers.

On the other hand, the Chainsaw Man movie could also adapt the International Assassins arc, which revolves around three groups of international assassins going for Denji.

Chainsaw Man Movie Release Date

When Will the Chainsaw Man Movie Be Released? Denji and Pochita
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Credit: MAPPA

Since Chainsaw Man Season 2 is not yet confirmed, there’s a possibility that the Chainsaw Man movie will come out in late 2024 and/or early 2025, based on the usual release schedules of previous anime films. But take this prediction with a grain of salt.

For the time being, expect to read more news and information about the rumored Chainsaw Man movie!

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