Chainsaw Man: Every Main Character’s Age and Birthday

Chainsaw Man Every Main Character’s Age and Birthday Power

Chainsaw Man Every Main Character’s Age and Birthday Power

Chainsaw Man Episode 7 features a scene where the main characters all go out for drinks together and try to get to know each other's ages, interests, and, of course, devils. So, here are the birthdays and ages of all Chainsaw Man main characters:

How Old Is Denji?

Chainsaw Man Main Character's Ages Denji
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Credit: MAPPA

Denji is around 16 or 17 years old. He grew up alone and impoverished for most of his young life, so he didn't ever celebrate his birthday and he only approximately knows his age.

While Denji doesn't have an official birth date, it's confirmed that he was born in 1980.

Chainsaw Man takes place in an alternative 1997, which confirms Denji's age as 16 or 17 depending on the month he was born.

In later Chainsaw Man manga chapters, Denji has almost certainly turned 17 or even 18 as these take place several months after his first transformation.

How Old Is Makima?

Chainsaw Man Main Character's Ages Makima
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Credit: MAPPA

Fans wondering how old Makima is will be disappointed as the manga and anime never give any official birth date or age.

Makima appears to be a young woman in her mid-twenties, which is quite young to be in charge of so many people.

How Old Is Aki?

Chainsaw Man Main Character's Ages Aki
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Credit: MAPPA

Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has never revealed Aki's birthday or exact age, but Aki appears to be in his late teens or early to mid-twenties.

Among Himeno's many devil-hunting partners, Aki has survived the longest.

In Himeno's flashbacks, he appears slightly younger, suggesting he wasn't fully grown at the time.

It's presumed that he got into devil hunting in his teens, which would make sense since his family was killed by the Gun Devil when he was a child.

After that, it would make sense for him to want to become a devil hunter as soon as possible.

He looks a bit older than Denji but not by much, making him anywhere between 19 and 22.

How Old Is Power?

Chainsaw Man Main Character's Ages Power
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Credit: MAPPA

As a Fiend -- a devil who has taken over a human corpse -- Power likely ages a bit differently, but she has the appearance of a girl in her late teens, around Denji's age.

Her mannerisms very much suggest a young person, though it isn't clear how much of this is the Blood Fiend's personality and how much is attributed to actual youth.

Her dynamic with Aki and Denji suggests that she's like a younger sister to both of them.

Once again, she has no officially listed birthday.

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How Old Is Himeno?

Chainsaw Man Main Character's Ages Himeno
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Credit: MAPPA

Himeno also doesn't have an official birthday listed. She's definitely an adult who has been a devil hunter for a while but still looks like a very young woman.

Since she trained Aki -- and got him into some questionable habits along the way -- it appears that she's his senior by a few years.

However, they still hang out like peers, so their age difference is probably no more than 2-4 years.

This means that Himeno is probably between 24 and 26 years old.

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How Old Is Kobeni?

Chainsaw Man Main Character's Ages Kobeni
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Credit: MAPPA

The timid Kobeni with the secret devil contract also got into devil hunting very young.

In the after-work drinks session, she confirms that she's 20 years old, which means that she was born in 1977.

In the same casual meeting, it was mentioned that she has eight sisters and at least one brother whose college tuition fees she's paying for.

The birth order isn't confirmed, but Kobeni's abusive family forces her to bring money home.

This suggests that, while at least her brother and one of her sisters are older than her, she's likely still among the family's oldest children.

How Old Is Arai?

Chainsaw Man Main Character's Ages Arai
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Credit: MAPPA

Arai confirms that he's 22 years old, placing his birth in 1975, according to Chainsaw Man's timeline.

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