Who Is the Chainsaw Man Impostor?

Who Is the Chainsaw Man Impostor
Credit: MAPPA

Who Is the Chainsaw Man Impostor
Credit: MAPPA

The end of Chainsaw Man's Justice Devil arc poses a big question, as someone who is not Denji shows up to do Chainsaw Man's dirty work. So, who is the Chainsaw Man impostor, and what is his goal?

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga below.

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Here's What We Know About the Chainsaw Man Impostor (So Far!)

What We Know About the Chaisnaw Man Impostor (so far!)
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Credit: MAPPA

Towards the end of the Chainsaw Man manga's Justice Devil arc, Yuko, who is now part-devil, bids Asa Mitaka farewell and leaves with the intention of finding some way to become human again.

While this never sounded like a viable plan, she doesn't even get to try because she's killed by Chainsaw Man.

Next to the panel depicting Yuko's death, however, we have one that shows Denji asleep in bed, alerting us to the fact that whoever is acting as Chainsaw Man is not in fact Denji.

Is Haruka Iseumi the Chainsaw Man Impostor?

Is Haruka Iseumi the Chainsaw Man Impostor?
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Credit: MAPPA

Haruka Iseumi is a Chainsaw Man impostor but not the impostor we're looking for -- or at least, we think!

When Asa attempts to join the Devil Hunting club, she's welcomed by Haruka Iseumi, one of the lead members.

Iseumi reveals Chainsaw Man's starter in his chest, leading Asa and Yoru to believe he's Chainsaw Man.

Later on, when the Famine Devil imposes a timeless lockdown on the aquarium during Asa and Denji's date, Iseumi reveals he had been lying all along.

Is Haruka Iseumi the Chainsaw Man Impostor
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Credit: MAPPA

Iseumi admits that the starter is a surgical implant he got because he's a fan of Chainsaw Man.

Whether or not this is true, his involvement is far from done, as he's seen eavesdropping on Asa and Denji when they plan their next date.

It's hard to tell what his motivations are or how much he knows, but there's a sinister energy about him.

Given how wild Chainsaw Man's twists are, we could even see Iseumi having lied about not being the impostor, although, at this point, this is just a theory.

Only if he actually pulls his starter to no avail can we be sure that he is not the impostor.

Is Yoshida the Chainsaw Man Impostor?

Is Yoshida the Chainsaw Man Impostor
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

Yoshida is so painfully enigmatic that, for lack of a better theory, fans have branded him as the Chainsaw Man impostor until proven otherwise.

All that we know about Yoshida so far is that he was formerly hired by Makima to keep Denji safe.

He currently works for an organization that wants Chainsaw Man's identity to remain a secret, although we aren't sure if he's even telling the truth.

Even if he is, the reason behind the organization's goal remains ambiguous, and Yoshida could still have his own personal agenda either way.

No matter the reason, Yoshida has invested in keeping Denji's Chainsaw Man identity a secret.

Because of that, many readers feel that it'd make sense for him to be the impostor.

If Yoshida acted as Chainsaw Man at a time during which Denji was elsewhere, he would be giving Denji an alibi -- unwanted as that might be from Denji's viewpoint.

This begs the question of how Yoshida could turn into Chainsaw Man as his only known contract is with the Octopus Devil.

We wouldn't be surprised if Yoshida had another, secret contract, although we are sure that the actual answer will be something we couldn't have come up with!

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Is Fami the Chainsaw Man Impostor?

Is Fami the Chainsaw Man Impostor
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

The Famine Devil, also known as Fami, could be another impostor candidate.
Since her first appearance, fans have noticed her triangle-shaped earrings, which are reminiscent of Chainsaw Man's starter.

Of course, this could simply indicate that she's a fan of Chainsaw Man, much like Makima, who also used to be one of the Four Horsemen.

Given how Fami helped the War Devil lock down the aquarium to make Asa turn Denji into a weapon, loving Chainsaw Man wouldn't really add up, but then again, Fami's motivations are mysterious so far.

Although she has occasionally helped Asa/Yoru, whom she sees as a little sister, we've also recently seen her volunteering information to Yoshida, who knows she's a devil, making her agenda unclear.

So, Who Is the Chainsaw Man Impostor?

Who Is the Chainsaw Man Impostor Pochita
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Credit: MAPPA

The identity of the Chainsaw Man impostor remains an ongoing question in Chainsaw Man Part 2.

Many interesting theories are currently circulating among fan communities, and frankly, we find it hard to pick a favorite.

Given the current direction the manga is taking, I could see the mystery going on for a while longer -- but wouldn't it be explosive to see Denji and the impostor come face to face?

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