Who Dies in DanMachi? Character Statuses Explained

Who Dies in Danmachi Explained

Who Dies in Danmachi Explained

Death is common in any adventure anime, DanMachi included. The characters’ lives are always at risk whenever they are in the dungeon, especially in Season 4. So, who dies in DanMachi? Will fans have to say goodbye to their favorite characters? Find out right here!

Spoiler Warning: There are major spoilers for the DanMachi anime and light novel below!

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Who Dies in DanMachi?

Who Dies in DanMachi Alise Lovell
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The list of deceased characters below is not only applicable to what the anime has adapted so far. We also included dead characters shown in the light novel.

  • Albert Waldstein – Ais Wallenstein’s father
  • Alf – knight of Fianna Knights' second generation
  • Alfia – Hera Familia executive
  • Alise Lovell – Astraea Familia captain
  • Alkittiene Diondra – last heir of the Alstar Kingdom
  • Ardee Varma – Ganesha Familia member
  • Artemis – Artemis Familia head
Artemis DanMachi
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  • Aura Moriel – Dionysus Familia vice-captain
  • Barca Perdix – Thanatos Familia member
  • Caam – Brigid Familia member and captain
  • Canoe Belway – Soma Familia former adventurer
  • Celty Srowa – Astraea Familia member
  • Demi Spirit – monster and Spirit hybrid from Jewel Fetus
Caam DanMachi
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  • Dis Sisters – Alecto Familia captain and vice-captain
  • Dix Perdix – Ikelos Familia captain
  • Filvis Challia – Dionysus Familia captain
  • Ged Raish – former adventurer
  • Gojouno Kaguya – Astraea Familia vice-captain
  • Gran – Ikelos Familia member
  • Hashana Dorlia – Ganesha Familia member
Filvis Challia DanMachi
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  • Jura Halmer – Rudra Familia member
  • Line Arshe – Loki Familia member
  • Lyra – Astraea Familia member
  • Olivas Act – Evilus former member
  • Rethusa – Artemis Familia captain
  • Revis – Enyo creature
  • Seale – Resheph Familia captain

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Will Bell Cranel Die in DanMachi?

Will Bell Cranel Die in DanMachi?
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Bell Cranel is still alive in the ongoing DanMachi anime and light novel. Although shonen protagonists are rarely killed, fans of the adventure anime cannot help but worry about Bell’s future.

His life has been in danger many times, especially in the fourth season, so fans have been wondering if he will survive the season.

The good news is that he survives the dungeon along with his friends. Bell’s journey continues, and he meets more challenges along the way.

Will Ryuu Lion Die in DanMachi?

Will Ryuu Lion Die in DanMachi?
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Just like Bell, Ryuu Lion’s life has been in danger many times in the series. She is even prepared to sacrifice herself if it means keeping Bell alive.

The trauma she suffered after being the only Astraea Familia survivor made her think that she is not worthy of living anymore and would gladly accept her fate to save others.

However, Ryuu fans need not worry, as she is alive and well with Bell in the upcoming volumes.

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