Who is the Strongest Character in DanMachi? Ranked

Who is the Strongest Character in DanMachi? Ranked

Who is the Strongest Character in DanMachi? Ranked

The world of DanMachi, or Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, is filled with vibrant adventurers. There is also a lot of competition, particularly between different gods and familias, so being the strongest character in DanMachi goes a long way!

Despite having a clear ranking and power system, DanMachi doesn’t reveal too much about who is stronger than whom. There are plenty of mysteries to discover, but based on what we know, we’ve ranked who the world’s strongest characters are likely to be.

Note first that our list only includes people, not monsters, that were alive at some point during the events of the anime and light novels. There are plenty of characters in the story’s lore, such as members of the Zeus and Hera Familias, that would have appeared on this list but won't appear in the actual story.

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  1. Ais Wallenstein

    Ais Wallenstein, Bell Cranel’s love interest, serves as the target for much of the early story in DanMachi. In that sense, her position as one of the story’s very strongest makes sense.

    Ais Wallenstein is regarded as the strongest sword wielder in the city, despite being only a teenager. Despite being one of many people at level 6, her particular strength is recognised by pretty much everyone, including others higher on this list.

    If Ais does have one weakness, it’s her combat prowess against other humans, which is weaker than against monsters.

  2. Finn Deimne

    The only member of the Loki Familia that can be said to be stronger than Ais Wallenstein is Finn Deimne, the captain.

    Finn doesn’t just have great ability as a fellow level 6. Even before joining the Loki Familia, he had been meticulously trained in hand-to-hand combat.

    Despite his size, Finn is over 40 years old. As a result, he is extremely intelligent and experienced, making him adept in both one-on-one fights and strategising in group combat.

  3. The Knight of Knights

    Not much is known about the mysterious Knight of Knights. Supposedly, he is currently out at sea somewhere.

    Based on what is known, it is assumed he is the second level 7 in the world of DanMachi, alongside Ottar below. It has been mentioned that he managed to match Ottar, something that pretty much no one else can manage.

    It has been teased that the Knight of Knights will have a part to play later on in the story, so this is something to keep an eye on in later volumes.

  4. Ottar

    When it comes to the strongest familia, Loki is always challenged by the Freya Familia. Ottar, Freya’s captain, is a perfect symbol of their intimidating and unyielding strength.

    Ottar is the only known adventurer at level 7 in Orario (the second is yet to be confirmed). As a result, he is largely unchallenged by anyone in the city.

    From the Boaz race, Ottar has unparalleled physical abilities, including strength, speed and endurance. Just from his physical abilities, he is unbeatable for pretty much any adventurer, and that doesn't take into account his adept sword skills.

Does Bell Ever Become the Strongest Character in DanMachi?

Who is the Strongest Character in DanMachi Bell
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The big question, of course, is whether Bell will ever enter this list. As of right now, he still has a long way to go, and it’s not certain that he will ever become the strongest.

If we assume that Bell will ultimately be the hero of the story, he will need to climb many levels, to a level that nobody has reached before.

He does have unique abilities that allow him to grow exceptionally fast and still compete against those levels above, but the gap between anyone on this list and the assumed final boss (no spoilers here) is huge.

Because of the likely final boss and their ties to Ais, an alternative ending is a large group of adventurers working together. If that’s the case, then Bell might not need to be the very strongest.

Right now, all we can do is continue reading the DanMachi light novels and watching the anime to see what happens next!

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