How Deep is the Dungeon in DanMachi? How Many Floors Explained

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How Deep is the Dungeon in DanMachi How Many Floors Explained

There are many strings to DanMachi’s story, but more often than not, the dungeon is the bow. Life in Orario revolves around the structure, but many mysteries remain, such as how deep the dungeon’s floors go.

In DanMachi Season 3 and 4, it’s mentioned that exploring the deepest parts of the dungeon is a vital step to creating a world where the Xenos can live amongst humans. However, does anyone know what that actually entails for Bell and his crew?


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What is the Dungeon in DanMachi?

How Deep is the Dungeon in DanMachi Explained

The dungeon is a mysterious location at the heart of Orario with various descending floors filled with monsters and valuable materials. Adventurers can explore the floors, which get larger and more difficult – and more rewarding – as they go deeper.

The dungeon in DanMachi is classed by most to be a living thing in and of itself, spawning varying monsters for its floors and repairing itself when it takes damage. The Xenos refer to it as their mother, whereas DanMachi’s gods speak about having an age-old promise with the dungeon.

The dungeon in Orario is the only one of its kind in the world of DanMachi and predates the appearance of gods in their world. A giant tower called Babel is built on top of the entrance to stop monsters from escaping.

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Why Can’t Gods Enter the Dungeon in DanMachi?

How Deep is the Dungeon in DanMachi How Many Floors Gods Explained

One of many mysteries about the dungeon is that it has a deep-seated hatred toward the gods. This is evidenced in various ways, most notably when a god enters the dungeon.

While a god could enter DanMachi’s dungeon, they all choose against venturing into its depths. One big reason for this is that, according to legend, a god that dies in the dungeon does not return to heaven as if they’d died on earth.

Also, on occasions when gods have entered the dungeon, it has reacted by closing all entrances and spawning much stronger monsters to try to kill them.

What is the Deepest Floor in DanMachi’s Dungeon?

How Deep is the Dungeon in DanMachi? Deepest Floor Explained

While there is no precise number yet when it comes to floors in DanMachi’s dungeon, the author Fujino Omori has mentioned that there are at least 70 floors.

The dungeon is divided into four sections:

  • Upper Floors (Floors 1-12)
  • Middle Floors (Floors 13-24)
  • Lower Floors (Floors 25-36)
  • Deep Floors (Floor 37 onwards)

Details on what floors are like tend to go as far as 59, which is the current exploration record held by the Loki Familia. For comparison, DanMachi Season 4’s Great Falls cover floors 25-27, the start of the Lower Floors.

What is at the End of DanMachi’s Dungeon?

How Deep is the Dungeon in DanMachi How Many Floors Ending Explained

Right now, it’s not known what is at the end of DanMachi’s dungeon. However, most fans seem to agree that it’s likely some form of god or being that considers humans and gods its enemy.

A lot of theories revolve around the god Gaia being trapped in the bottom of the dungeon, causing the spawning of anti-human monsters and floors.

A lot of this is based on Gaia’s role in Greek mythology as the personification of Earth, which ties into ideas of Mother Nature – remember that the Xenos call the dungeon mother.

Another reason for this theory is the role Uranus plays, both in mythology and DanMachi. As seen in DanMachi season 3, he knows more about the dungeon than anybody else and is controlling lots in the shadows. Supposedly, he knows what is down there and is hiding that info to preserve the dungeon’s status quo.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the DanMachi light novels and keep our fingers crossed that adventures on the lowest floors will be animated one day!

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