Will Artemis Reincarnate or Return in DanMachi?

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Will Artemis Reincarnate or Return in DanMachi?

In DanMachi's Arrow of Orion, the death of Artemis surprised the viewers as it was emphasized before that only gods can “kill” one another and if they “die” they are just taken back to heaven. Does that mean that Artemis will reincarnate or even return in DanMachi? If so, when?

Artemis is a Goddess that made her debut in DanMachi Arrow of Orion. She was introduced as the head of the Artemis Familia. She was strict to the point that she forbid her Familia members to be in a relationship and if they end up wanting to be one, they will have to leave.

Will Artemis Reincarnate or Return in DanMachi?

Will DanMachi's Artemis Reincarnate or Return?
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What was interesting about DanMachi Arrow of Orion is that it is an anime-original film, as confirmed by the light novel author Fujino Omori. This means that the content found in the movie is not available in the light novel or manga.

Omori also reminded viewers in an interview that there is a difference between the light novel and the film, which might explain the inconsistencies between the two mediums. He even said “pretend you didn’t see anything”. Does that mean that Artemis only died in the movie?

If so, why was Artemis shown in DanMachi Memoria Freese? A short story was even released in the game wherein Artemis was reincarnated and was able to reunite with Bell and Hestia.

Does that mean that Artemis will appear in the main story soon?

Unfortunately, even we cannot provide concrete answers for those yet. If we are to share our thoughts about the matter, there is a chance that Artemis is indeed alive, considering the rule that gods are immortal, and that she will be introduced in the main story.

Why? If Artemis is only a film original, then she shouldn’t be mentioned in the game. There might be a reason she was introduced in the first place. Will she bring back Zeus? Will she do something to the other gods? Will she end up with Bell?


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