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Which My Hero Academia Characters Used Multiple Quirks?

My Hero Academia introduced anime fans to a world where quirks or powers exist. Most of the population has one quirk which makes him or her unique. The quirks vary per person, from super strength to the ability to use elements. Usually, one individual can have one quirk. But there are special cases and people who were granted to have more than one quirk.

So far, the series has introduced characters who used multiple quirks. Some put this opportunity to good use while there are those who turn to the other side and maximize their abilities to do wrong deeds. Who are these characters? Let’s find out.

Which My Hero Academia Characters Used Multiple Quirks?

Which My Hero Academia Characters Used Multiple Quirks?
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Which My Hero Academia Characters Used Multiple Quirks?

Having multiple quirks started with All For One. He has the ability to steal the quirks of others for him to use or to transfer to his people. His unique quirk convinced him to continue experimenting on more quirks. Over the years, the number of stolen quirks is unknown but if fans will base his battle against All Might, it appeared that he used less than 10 quirks.

The only quirk that All For One can’t seem to have is One For All. Surprisingly, the previous owners of One For All used to have other quirks aside from the power-stocking ability that this quirk provides. The users used to add One For All to their existing quirks to become more powerful. This thread stopped with All Might and Deku.

Nine, who was the main antagonist in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, can have eight additional quirks aside from his Weather Manipulation. His synthetic came from All For One which explains how he can steal other quirks and use them to his benefit.

One of Deku’s friends in the series, Shoto Todoroki, was naturally born with having two quirks: he can manipulate ice and fire. He inherited these from his parents but it took a while before he started using his flame quirk. With his current situation, he can interchange his abilities depending on the situation.

These are just some of the characters with multiple quirks. Other notable heroes with the same gift are Lady Nagant, Tomura Shigaraki, Izuku Midoriya, and Kurogiri.

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