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How Is Shigaraki Better Than Deku in My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia is a superhero manga and anime series that follows Izuku Midoriya who was once a quirkless citizen who was granted a powerful quirk by All Might, the number one hero of Japan who eventually retired. On his journey to becoming the new number one hero, Midoriya encounters different kinds of enemies with strong quirks and above-average abilities. One of them is Shigaraki.

Tomura Shigaraki is the leader of the League of Villains whose goal is to exterminate All Might. As he matured, his goal diverted to destroying society and reshaping it. He created a new organization and merged it with Meta Liberation Army, calling the group as Paranormal Liberation Front. With unstoppable quirk, keen intellect, and indomitable will, he is the perfect villain for Midoriya.

How Is Shigaraki Better Than Deku in My Hero Academia?

How Is Shigaraki Better Than Deku in My Hero Academia?
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How Is Shigaraki Better Than Deku in My Hero Academia?

As the series continued, fans noticed that Shigaraki’s abilities improved, challenging Midoriya even more. In chapter 332 of My Hero Academia, Star and Stripe and Shigaraki come face to face. While it seems like Star and Stripe is about to win, Shigaraki proves once again why he should be considered one of the greatest villains in the series.

Chapter 329 of the manga showed Shigaraki’s response to Star and Stripe. His objective was to prevent any contact with the Japanese heroes no matter what happens. His goal is to defeat the foreign hero to give other heroes an idea of his abilities.

To achieve his goal, he continued to assess her throughout the entire battle. He also analyzed how New Order, her quirk, works to be able to find a counterattack. He was so amazed by her abilities that he wanted to get it for himself. With his quirk, that allows him to acquire other quirks, Shigaraki always has the upper hand in any battle.

The fight also showed how Shigaraki figured out a way to create an escape plan to beat her State-Of-The-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch. His level of concentration made him one step ahead of his opponent. His amazing intellect makes him a better strategist as compared with Midoriya. If Midoriya does not find a way around Shigaraki’s high level of intelligence, there might be a chance that the Pro Hero will be defeated.

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