Which Characters Will Be in Ahsoka? Confirmed Cast & Cameos

Which Characters Will Be in Ahsoka
Credit: Disney/Lucasfim

Which Characters Will Be in Ahsoka
Credit: Disney/Lucasfim

Ahsoka is exciting not only for its titular character (portrayed by Rosario Dawson) but also because of the many confirmed cameos. So which Star Wars characters will be in Ahsoka?

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Which Rebels Characters Will Be In Ahsoka?

Rebels is an animated Star Wars show you need to watch before Ahsoka. Her partnership with many of its main characters will be key in understanding her new show's storyline.

A number of Rebels characters are confirmed to appear in Ahsoka.

Sabine Wren

Will Sabine Wren Be in Ahsoka
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Credit: Dinsey/Lucasfilm

Sabine Wren is a young Mandalorian graffiti artist with a complicated past. She joins the Rebellion after her inventions in the Imperial Academy horribly backfire against her loved ones.

While Rebels shows her struggling to wield the darksaber -- which she used for a while before Bo-Katan -- the Ahsoka trailer suggests that Sabine is force sensitive.

Moreover, it's implied that Sabine became Ahsoka's apprentice for a little while, making their reunion a highly anticipated moment.

In Rebels, Sabine is voiced by Tiya Sircar (Ghosted, The Afterparty) while her live-action counterpart will be Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Most Dangerous Game).

Hera Syndulla

Will Hera Syndulla Be in Ahsoka
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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Hera Syndulla -- a rebel veteran and the group mom from Rebels -- is also a confirmed character in Ahsoka.

In the Ahsoka trailer, we see her negotiating to prevent further bloodshed.

Her voice actor in Rebels was Vanessa Marshall who has done many more Star Wars voices in animated shows, video games, and more, as well as live-action appearances.

In Ahsoka, she'll be portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Birds of Prey).


Will Choper Be in Ahsoka
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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Of course, it wouldn't be a continuation of the Rebels storyline without Chopper, the irritable droid everyone but Hera loves to hate!

The trailer shows Chopper alongside Hera and Sabine.

Chopper's voice actor will, once again, be Dave Filoni.

Ezra Bridger

Will Ezra Bridger Be in Ahsoka
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Ezra Bridger is the main character in Rebels. In the finale, he chooses to be separated from his found family in order to keep Thrawn at bay.

Several years have passed without any news from him, and the finale of Rebels teased Ahsoka and Sabine's quest to find them.

In the trailer, we only see Sabine looking at his hologram but, hopefully, her quest will finally bear fruit and we'll have a reunion.

His Rebels voice actor was Taylor Gray (Walt Before Micky, The Wheel) and Adrian Petriw (The Dragon Prince) in other cameos.

Eman Esfandi (King Richard, 2021) will portray Ezra Bridger's first-ever live-action appearance in Ahsoka.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Will Thrawn Be in Ahsoka
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Grand Admiral Thrawn, by far the most competent antagonist in Rebels will also return for Ahsoka as the main antagonist.

In the trailer, Ahsoka mentions she has heard rumors of Thrawn's return as "Heir to the Empire."

Ahsoka's task will likely be to stop him.

It has now been confirmed that Lars Mikkelsen (House of Cards, The Witcher) who gave Thrawn his voice in Rebels will also portray him in Ahsoka.

Will Zeb Be in Ahsoka?

Will Zeb Be in Ahsoka
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Zeb's return to Ahsoka hasn't been confirmed as of writing. Of course, since the rest of the crew we know and love has assembled, we can't help hoping for a surprise cameo.

After all, Zeb was the first rebel to get a live-action cameo as he appeared in The Mandalorian tv series -- which was also Ahsoka's live-action debut.

In Rebels Zeb manages to touch Kallus, an agent of the Empire, enough to pull him to the light side, so it would be great if we could see Kallus too.

Will Hera's Son Be in Ahsoka?

Will Jacen Be In Ahsoka
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

At the end of Rebels we find out that Hera got pregnant before the death of her lover, Kanan, and she gave birth to their son, Jacen.

Jacen only has one brief scene which doesn't give us time to get to know him, and, thankfully, Ahsoka reintroduces him.

The Lego version of Ghost, Hera's spaceship, gives Jacen a makeover, making him brown-haired, like his late father Kanan.

Lego Ghost Star Wars
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Credit: Lego

This is in stark contrast with his green hair in his Rebels scene. -- at this point, fans speculate that was just Sabine giving him hair dye.

After all, it wouldn't make sense for him to have green hair, as his mother has green skin but is hairless.

Even so, we can't imagine that Jacen would get a makeover if he wasn't going to appear in Star Wars once again.

On its own, the Lego set doesn't confirm Jacen's appearance but it wouldn't be the first time the franchise gives spoilers through its Lego sets.

Will Rex Be in Ahsoka?

Will Rex Be in Ahsoka
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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Rex's appearance in Ahsoka hasn't been confirmed -- he will be quite old by that time -- but we sincerely hope for a cameo.

Rex is the clone Ahsoka was the closest to. She went to great lengths to remove his conditioning during Order 66, and their reunion in Rebels was beautiful.

It's possible that, if he were to return, he would be played by Temuera Morrison (The Book of Boba Fett) considering all clones have Boba Fett's appearance.

Will Anakin Be in Ahsoka?

Will Anakin Skywalker Be in Ahsoka
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

While Ahsoka's old master cannot physically be in the series, being long dead, a cameo by Anakin's actor Hayden Christensen has been confirmed.

He could appear as a Force Ghost or even in flashbacks.

Either way, we can't wait to see him interact with Ahsoka -- no matter how.

Are There Any Other Cameos in Ahsoka?

Character Cameos in Ahsoka
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Another main cameo we look forward to is that of Genevieve O'Reilly as Senator Mon Mothma.

Her subplot in Andor hooked us and it will be great to see her again, post-rebellion, as part of the New Republic.

Right now, no other cameos by main characters have been confirmed. Luke Skywalker and other characters from his films are unlikely to appear.

Then again, Luke and Leia are both key characters in the Heir of the Empire book that features Thrawn as its main villain.

That being the case, it's possible that Ahsoka might surprise us in a major way.

If any other cameos and cast members are confirmed we will update this space with all the latest news!

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