Top 10 Most Epic Action Scenes In The Mandalorian

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The Mandalorian just might have the best action on TV right now, beyond even the Disney+ MCU outings and rivaling the best action sequences of The Game of Thrones or even the best action in any Star Wars movie... This is going to be difficult. So without further ado, this is the way for the top 10 most epic scenes in The Mandalorian.

Spoilers ahead:

  1. The Mandalorian Tries Out His New Beskar Weapon - S01E03 The Sin

    After handing over Grogu to the surviving Empire members, The Mandalorian just got a new armor and the respect of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. Everything seems fine and dandy. One problem though - he feels guilty in handing Grogu to the Empire. So he rushes back to the Empire's hideout to rescue Grogu, and we rooting for him a hundred percent. The way he takes down the stormtroopers are all action highlights, but the real pièce de résistance is when he unleashed his new beskar weapon, called "whistling birds" - A series of small homing missiles fired at once from Mando's arm, killing every stormtrooper in the room in a flash. The weapon and its signature whistling sound became instantly iconic.

  2. Ashoka vs The Magistrate - S02E05 The Jedi

    The appeal of this fight is that it emulates Kurosawa samurai films. It started with a long pause of Ashoka and The Magistrate staring each other down. There is no music, just the wind. They take off their cloaks and weapons at the same time. Because there is this big pause, when saber clashes with beskar, the sound and movement feel fast and dangerous. With each big movement, they both pause, as if they both know any movement may be their last and they should be put all their focus on the next attack. Then with a saber disarming beskar, it is over. The cherry on top is that after the fight, we get a name drop of Grand Admiral Thrawn. A samurai clash worthy of the samurai movies it is homaging.

  3. The Mandalorian vs The Bounty Hunters' Guild - S01E03 The Sin

    When Mando rescued Grogu from The Empire, he betrayed his clients and so becomes the enemy of The Bounty Hunters' Guild of which he is a part. There is this tension as guild members appear in the street one by one as Mando is walking by holding Grogu in his arms. With Mando's quick draw, they all shoot their guns at The Mandalorian. What makes this scene so dire is that The Mandalorian is out in the open with nothing stopping the guild's guns firing from all directions at him but the speeder Mando is using as a shield. Mando can only stop them for too long, but as they draw closer and closer, all hope seems lost. That is until a squad of other Mandalorians suddenly join the battle and rescue our main Mando. What is satisfying is that the leader of the squad is the one who did not consider our Mando as a true Mandalorian, only until our Mando rescued Grogu. This is the way.

  4. Boba Fett Back In Armor - S02E07 The Believer

    This is a scene no one thought we wanted. When Boba Fett returned in his armor and takes down all the remaining stormtroopers in the area, it is the series assuring as the yes, Boba Fett is actually as cool as the fan imagination says he is. In a scene reminiscent of the first time Tony Stark wore a prototype Ironman armor in the cave, Bobba Fett feels unstoppable unleashing his arsenal of weapons against his enemies. Where did he get these toys and why haven't we seen him use them in this way before?

  5. The Mandalorian and IG-11 vs The Mercenaries - S01E01 The Mandalorian

    The first team-up battle of the series. The biggest appeal of this is just seeing IG-11 fight. We have never seen anything move this way before. He may look thin and frail, IG-11 is a killing machine. The way he angles and rotates his arms and legs to point and shoot, every movement he makes is mesmerizing. Aside from that, Mando and IG-11 make a pretty good team. It's nice to see the difference and tandem in the way they take out enemies. While the running gag of IG-11 initiating self-destruct is hilarious.

  6. Enter Ashoka - S02E05 The Jedi

    There was much anticipation for Ashoka's live-action debut. Who knew that the episode would hit the ground running with an Ashoka action scene. This is also the first time we see a Jedi fighting in its prime in the Disney era of Star Wars and it does not disappoint. Ashoka looks quick and agile. She is like a ghost in a dark and foggy forest, killing the Magistrate's men one by one. Stealthy and silent, revealing her location with a switch of a saber, making a kill, then disappearing all over again. What a re-introduction to a fan-favorite character.

  7. The Mandalorian vs The Prison Security Droids - S01E06 The Prisoner

    The Mandalorian is part of a prison heist team to retrieve one of the prisoners. The team all give Mando a hard time, always having the time to belittle and insult him. When they are detected in the prison by four security droids, all of the team are exposed to their gunfire. With The Mandalorian disappearing from the team's side, the team believes he runs away like a coward. Then The Mandalorian suddenly appears behind the security droids and attacks them. The team could have helped him out but they chose not to, only observing how badass he is while he take down the droids. What is so frustrating is that after the battle, the team all pretend that they are not impressed and continue to treat him like some kind of weak link in the team.

  8. The Mandalorian vs Migs Mayfeld and His Team - S01E06 The Prisoner

    In a prison heist, The Mandalorian is part of the heist team led by Migs Mayfeld, but they betrayed him and trap him in one of the prison cells. He escaped, and now he is angry. Mando hunts them down like a predator hunting its prey. He goes into the prison control room to control the halls and forcefully separates the team as he takes them down one by one in separate locations. The biggest highlight is The Mandalorian versus the team strongman Burg, where Mando has to use all his arsenal and then some to beat Burg's tough body and inhuman strength. By the end of the episode, The Mandalorian looks more badass than ever.

  9. The Mandalorian vs a Dark Trooper - S02E08 The Rescue

    The Dark Troopers are the most unstoppable force we have ever seen in the series. We have never seen Mando this outmatched before fighting just one of them. When the Dark Trooper punched Mando to the wall over and over again, like being hit by a machine press over and over. It took everything in Mando's arsenal just to put it down. We know if he faces just two of these things at a time he is doomed, let alone a whole army just waiting to get at him.

  10. Luke Skywalker vs The Dark Troopers - S02E08 The Rescue

    The moment we see Luke's face, it feels like a sacred moment in Star Wars history that can never be replicated again. But before we see his face, what better way to let us know how powerful this mysterious Jedi is than to see him slice and dice through an army of the most unstoppable force in the series, the Dark Troopers, like they are made of butter. We do not know yet, but at the same time, we know we are looking at Luke fighting with modernized saber choreography for the first time. It is the kind of fight we imagined since the Hollywood action genre has been evolving after Return of The Jedi.

Any other action scene we might have missed for this top 10?