Where to Start the Shadows House Manga After the Anime

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Where to Start the Shadows House Manga After the Anime Emilico
Credit: CloverWorks

Shadows House Season 2 is wrapping up, as is the case with most titles in the Summer 2022 anime lineup, but the mystery anime only gets more intriguing. So, if the adaptation left you hungry for more, here's where to start the Shadows House manga after the anime.

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Warning: There are spoilers for the Shadows House anime below.


Where to Start Reading the Shadows House Manga After the Anime

Where to Start the Shadows House Manga After the Anime Maryrose and Rosemary

Apart from a rather unfortunate detour towards the end of Shadows House Season 1, the anime is mostly faithful to the manga, so we recommend starting from around Chapter 81.

Shadows House Season 2 covers the Master Robe Arc where Kate takes it upon herself to unmask a mysterious disturber, save her reputation and, hopefully, one day, become a Star Bearer.

With Master Robe revealed to be Maryrose, she and Rosemary are captured in an emotional episode that culminates with them falling from a high altitude, likely to their deaths.

This corresponds to Chapter 79 of the Shadows House ongoing manga.

shadows house christopher

Chapter 80 then moves on to finally reveal more about who Christoper is and just what happened to him.

The next few chapters follow the aftermath of the events, the ways in which these affected the survivors, as well as Kate's reward for uncovering and resolving the disturbance.

These will likely be partly covered in the finale, but given the anime's history of rushed endings, we would recommend reading Chapter 80 so you can have a firmer understanding of the side characters and everything else going on.

Of course, if you have time and would like a more complete experience, it wouldn't harm to read all of the manga.

This will help you understand the side characters better, though it isn't really necessary as most main plot points are the same.

How Many Volumes and Chapters Does the Shadows House Manga Have?

How Many Volumes and Chapters Does the Shadows House Manga Have Lou and Louise

As of late September 2022, there are 12 Shadows House volumes.

In total, there are 143 chapters, the last ten of which haven't been collected into volumes yet. New Shadows House manga chapters come out weekly.

Even if you start from Chapter 80 as per our recommendation, you still have almost half the manga to go through, which will be a treat if you enjoyed what you've watched so far.

What to Expect After Shadows House Season 2

What to Expect After Shadows House Season 2 Barbie
Credit: CloverWorks

The Shadows House manga continues to be memorable after the Master Robe Arc.

After becoming a team leader, Kate has more freedom and resources to plot their rebellion -- although this doubles as a challenge since all eyes are on her and Emilico now more than ever.

Subsequent manga chapters dig into the past of Emilico and the other Living Dolls, revealing not only Emilico's real name but details about her life before the Shadows House and her first encounter with Kate.

Edward will once again attempt to mess with Kate and the other children to advance himself, which will put not only the rebels but also Barbara and other Star Bearers in a delicate position.

The series might briefly venture outside of the House and into the nearby village, while revolution will keep boiling as Kate recruits more people to her side, having resolved to avoid Maryrose's mistakes.

With all that and more, Shadows House Season 3 had better come out fast -- but even if it doesn't, the manga will be an enjoyable read in and of itself!

Already, fans hope that more of the manga will be adapted, and we can only hope for the same.

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