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Will There Be a Shadows House Season 3? Release Date, News, and Predictions

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Will There Be a Shadows House Season 3 Emilico
Credit: CloverWorks

Will there be a Shadows House Season 3? After the second season's big plot twist and the revelation of who Master Robe is, there had better be! For those wondering if they can expect more of the mystery anime, here's what we know so far:

Will There Be a Shadows House Season 3?

Will There Be a Shadows House Season 3 Rosemary Maryrose
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Credit: CloverWorks

At the time of writing, Shadows House Season 3 has, unfortunately, not been confirmed yet. But what is the likelihood of renewal?

Shadows House had one of the most original premises of both the Spring 2021 and Summer 2022 anime seasons when the first and second seasons respectively aired for the first time.

Despite its originality and catchy gothic aesthetics, the anime didn't do quite as well as was expected.

It definitely didn't do poorly either as the second season - which has avoided some of the pitfalls found in The Promised Neverland Season 2 - proves.

However, the Shadows House manga still didn't soar in popularity as much as other adapted manga did.

This alone is not an indicator of whether more content is possible, as even shows with medium popularity can get several seasons if the circumstances are optimal.

Content-wise, creating Shadows House Season 3 would be the right call, as there's so much more of the manga left to adapt.

Season 2 adapts the arc of Master Robe whereby Kate undertakes the task to unmask a mysterious robed figure who wreaks havoc in the Children's Building.

Following the big revelation - which fans have a lot to say about if the recent Twitter activity is any indication - a third season could mean ample time to explore the implications of what the characters have experienced, as well as their future actions.

Given how tense the last few episodes have been, it would be nearly impossible to give the story a satisfactory ending just with Season 2, so more content is pretty much guaranteed if there's no impediment.

Shadows House Season 3 Release Date Predictions

Will There Be a Shadows House Season 3 Lou
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Credit: CloverWorks

At the time of writing, there's no official confirmation about Shadows House Season 3 yet, so we can only speculate.

If a third season was originally planned and the team starts working on it soon enough, it could be with us in a bit over a year.

Season 2 came out exactly a year and a season after the original, so, if there was a pattern there, we would expect Season 3 to come out in Fall or Winter 2023.

That being said, there have been plenty of cases of anime seasons coming out much later, even many years after the original, so there's no need to despair if we don't hear any news immediately.

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What Would Shadows House Season 3 Be About?

Will There Be a Shadows House Season 3 Mia Lou Emilico
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Credit: CloverWorks

If Season 3 of Shadows House was confirmed, we hope that it would be faithful to the source material as there is so much excellent content to adapt.

Without spoiling much, Shadows House Season 3 features a character who makes a well-intentioned, but eventually futile choice.

Kate will aim to continue this character's legacy and even do better, with the help of her friends who are now part of the grand plan.

Moreover, Season 3 would delve more deeply into the past of our main characters, how they ended up in the Shadows House, and what they will do once they discover more about their stolen identities.

Edward, who hates Kate and the rebellion that she represents, would also be likely to return to the role of antagonist if Season 3 were to follow the manga faithfully.

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One thing is for certain; rebellion is blooming in the sinister Shadows House and we really hope that we can see it on screen someday.

Meanwhile, if any official announcement is made about Shadows House Season 3, we'll update this space with everything you need to know!


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