Who Is Christopher in Shadows House?

Who Is Christopher in Shadows House
Credit: CloverWorks

Who Is Christopher in Shadows House
Credit: CloverWorks

Shadows House Season 2 introduced a wealth of new mysteries, the main one being the identity of the enigmatic Master Robe. But other than that, there are many smaller-scale mysteries that are worth exploring. For instance, who is Christopher in Shadows House?

His character is repeatedly mentioned throughout Season 2 but, so far, we haven't learned much about him, other than vague references to his name by characters older than Kate and Emilico, who used to know him. But who is he really, and what happened to him?

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Who Is Christopher in Shadows House? What We Know So Far in the Anime

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Credit: CloverWorks

Christopher is a supporting character in Shadows House, and he used to reside in the Children's Building where most of our main characters are situated.

He was the Shadow Master of a living doll named Anthony. He also used to lead the Star Bearers before leaving the Children's Building. 

So far, most of the characters who knew him seem to remember him positively as a kind and charismatic person who made everyone happy.

Interestingly, Barbara and Maryrose, who are not on good terms as of Season 2, both seem to remember him equally fondly.

It's heavily implied that the Children's Building has not been the same ever since Christopher left. Star bearers like Barbara and Suzanna are now imposing an iron rule against younger Shadows.

But what happened to Christopher, and how did things change in his absence?

What Happened to Christopher in Shadows House?

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Warning: There are spoilers about the Shadows House manga below. 

The ongoing Shadows House manga reveals that Christopher and Maryrose were good friends. This, along with the revelation that Maryrose is Master Robe - and knows the sinister secrets of the House - are already strong indicators of Christopher's fate.

Those who have only watched up to Episode 9 of Shadows House Season 2 might think that it was not very smart of Maryrose to orchestrate a phantom disturbance all by herself without backup from allies.

But this was not always the case. Once, Maryrose, who has retained memories of being a morph, confided in her close friend Christopher, telling him all about the secrets of the Shadows House.

Unfortunately, the truth was too much for Christopher to bear. Specifically, the manga implies that Christopher was shocked to find out that to become an adult, a Shadow must merge with their human, killing them in the process.

Not wanting to subject his "living doll" Anthony to unification, Christopher killed himself.

However, later manga chapters reveal that Anthony somehow escaped the House's strong surveillance and remained hidden in it as a rebellious force.

Anthony now acts as a second Master Robe though his exact motivation and activities aren't entirely clear at this time.

One thing is certain; the Children's Building and Christopher's friends haven't been the same since he died.

Christopher was largely responsible for the current formation of the Children's Building, but he was actually interested in helping other children and keeping everyone happy.

Moreover, the fact that he named his living doll Anthony - rather than some variation of his own name - could imply increased sensitivity and the desire to see his living doll as something more than a mere extension of himself.

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Both Maryrose and Barbara were affected by the loss of their friend. The former started acting alone lest she traumatizes more Shadows by telling them the truth, while the latter became cold and harsh.

Due to his important reformations and lasting impact on other characters, Christopher manages to be an important Shadows House character even if we only ever see him in flashbacks.

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