Does Kate Become A Star Bearer in Shadows House?

Does Kate Become A Star Bearer in Shadows House Emilico Kate
Credit: CloverWorks

Does Kate Become A Star Bearer in Shadows House Emilico Kate
Credit: CloverWorks

In Shadows House Season 2, Kate turns to desperate measures to achieve her goals and change things from the inside. So, does Kate become a Star Bearer in Shadows House?

After a serious phantom disturbance that upsets the young Shadows' lives, Kate finds herself under suspicion once again. To clear her name, she informally undertakes investigations to point the Star Bearers towards the real culprit.

But she has another secret goal too: become a Star Bearer herself so she can access information that will help her bring real change to the Shadows House without being in constant danger.

What Are the Star Bearers in Shadows House?

What Are the Star Bearers in Shadows House Barbara Maryrose
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The Star Bearers Shadow and Living Doll pairs are tasked with monitoring the Children's Building and ensuring order.

Their duties involve writing reports which decide which Shadows will be promoted to the Adults' Building, distributing the coffee that brainwashes Living Dolls, creating and overseeing cleaning teams, and managing the Research and Relief teams.

Star Bearers might not be adult Shadows yet, but they're the closest to the adults and communicate with them regularly.

In the past, Star Bearers were the only ones who could become adults, but after Christopher's invitation to the Adults' Building, this tradition stopped, and being a Star Bearer is no longer a requirement for adulthood.

So far, there hasn't been a Star Bearer vacancy in the present narrative, but when the need arises, a new Star Bearer is chosen among the remaining Shadows, and it'll normally be someone the Star Bearers favor.

Who Are the Star Bearers in Shadows House Shadows Living Dolls
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Such is the favor Kate wishes to achieve, as this will help her and Emilico access superior information and change other Shadows' attitudes without being under suspicion constantly. But will she make it?

Warning: There are Shadows House manga spoilers below.

Does Kate Become A Star Bearer in Shadows House?

Does Kate Become Star Bearer in Shadows House 2
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Based on the Shadows House Season 2 episodes and manga chapters that have come out as of September 2022, Kate hasn't become a Star Bearer yet.

However, her investigation of Master Robe proves fruitful and does get her promoted.

After Maryrose is uncovered as Master Robe, Kate's team, who had Maryrose as its team leader, needs a new head.

While Kate is younger than Sarah, another team member with a good record, Barbara names Kate the next team leader, allowing her some degree of influence.

Of course, this is not to say that things will automatically become much easier for Kate and Emilico from there on.

As the Shadows House manga reveals, being a team leader comes with a whole new set of challenges.

Not only is the team leader expected to show exemplary behavior, but they're also responsible for their team's good behavior.

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This proves difficult when Kate is assigned to manage the Shadows Isabelle and Mirabelle and their Living Dolls who are both called "Belle."

It soon becomes obvious that any misstep from the team members will reflect poorly on the team leader, which makes us wonder about Barbara's motivations in appointing Kate.

At first glance, this might seem like recognition of Kate's services. But could it also be a way to put her in the spotlight and expose any deviancy from the strict Shadow rules?

So far, Kate has been navigating this rather well, but the mystery anime and manga are still ongoing, and Edward is always out to expose Kate's schemes.

There's a long way to freedom from the sinister Shadows House, but Kate and Emilico are getting there, one step at a time.

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