Where to Read Vermeil in Gold After the Anime

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Where to Read Vermeil in Gold After the Anime vermeil alto

Vermeil in Gold is a fantasy anime that aired from July to September 2022. Before the series was adapted into an anime by Staple Entertainment, it was originally a manga series illustrated by Yoko Umezu and written by Kota Amana. Now that the anime is over, where can fans read Vermeil in Gold?

The manga was serialized in Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan. There are a total of six volumes available as of June 2022.


There has been no update yet regarding when the seventh volume will be released, but surely Vermeil and Alto's story is not ending anytime soon.

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Where to Read Vermeil in Gold

Where to Read Vermeil in Gold vermeil and alto

Interested readers can go to Monthly Shonen Gangan, but the manga is still in its original Japanese version.

As of writing, there is still no official English manga version of Vermeil in Gold, which is why some readers might find it hard to look for the manga online.

If the Vermeil in Gold manga becomes in demand or the anime gains more popularity, there is a chance that well-known publications like VIZ or Yen Press might acquire the license over the manga and release an English version.


However, until then, readers will have to wait for other legal online websites to offer the manga.

There might be some sites that claim they have the English version of the manga but these sites might be risky, and the translations might not be accurate since there is no official English version of the manga yet.

It would be best to wait for an official English version before going to these unknown websites.

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Will Vermeil in Gold Get a Sequel?

Will Vermeil in Gold Get a Sequel vermeil and alto

Vermeil in Gold is one of the popular titles in the Summer 2022 anime lineup, but is it enough for the series to get a sequel?


In terms of demand, there might be enough for Staple Entertainment to continue, but then again, the manga only has six volumes as of writing, and the first season ended with Volume 5.

This means that there is not enough content left to adapt, which could mean that it might take some time before a sequel gets produced.

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