Vermeil in Gold: Why is the Demon's Name Vermeil?

Vermeil in Gold: Why is the Demon's Name Vermeil?

Vermeil in Gold: Why is the Demon's Name Vermeil?

The word 'vermeil' refers to a high-quality silver that is covered with a thin layer of gold. Is this somewhat related to the meaning behind Vermeil in Gold’s title? Or does it correlate to why the familiar of Alto in Vermeil in Gold is called Vermeil?

Vermeil in Gold is a fantasy anime that centers on Alto and his newfound familiar, Vermeil. Alto unleased Vermeil after she has been locked up in a magical book as he needed a familiar to pass his subjects.

In order to do her job, Vermeil requires mana from him that she can acquire through kissing.

Who is Vermeil in Vermeil in Gold?

Who is Vermeil in Vermeil in Gold?
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Vermeil is the female protagonist of Vermeil in Gold. She is a demon who has shoulder-length violet hair. As a demon, she has horns, pointy ears, and a tail. Her most obvious feature is her huge breasts that she somewhat hides under her one-piece dress.

What makes Vermeil an interesting character is that she is easy-going and straightforward. She does not know anything about modesty or even personal space and would always be on a lewd streak whenever she is with Alto.

She is extremely flirtatious and of course, lustful to her summoner as she has become somewhat addicted to his golden mana. But when it comes to battles and protecting Alto, Vermeil gives her all and makes sure that Alto is well and safe.

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Why is the Demon's Name Vermeil in Vermeil in Gold?

Why is the Vermeil in Gold Demon's Name Vermeil?
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Unfortunately, it has not been explained yet why she is called Vermeil or why the title is Vermeil in Gold. While there is no official explanation, we can make some educated guesses.

Vermeil in the real world essentially refers to silver coated in a thin layer of gold to create the appearance of solid gold. Meanwhile, the main character's full name is Alto Goldfield.

The characters' connected names may just be a coincidence. However, it likely speaks in some way to their basic characters. Maybe Vermeil needs Alto to feel complete, or maybe it speaks to Vermeil not quite being the real thing.

Only time will tell. The Vermeil in Gold manga is still ongoing as of this writing so there is still a chance for this to be explained.

The manga, illustrated by Yoko Umezu and written by Kota Amana, is serialized in Monthly Shonen Gangan since 2018.

Interested readers can collect the manga in 6 tankobon volumes as of June 2022. Another option is to watch the anime adapted by Staple Entertainment.

The series made its premiere in July 2022, as part of the 2022 summer anime collection.

Viewers can stream the episodes on HIDIVE. Sadly, no English dubbed version has been released as of the moment but western audiences can still watch Vermeil in Gold as it comes with English subtitles.

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