Who Does Alto End Up With in Vermeil in Gold?

Who Does Alto End Up With in Vermeil in Gold?

Who Does Alto End Up With in Vermeil in Gold?

Alto Goldfield is the male protagonist of Vermeil in Gold and the one who summoned Vermeil, the most powerful demon. It appears that two characters have taken interest in him, Lilia Kudelfeyt, his childhood best friend, and Vermeil, his familiar, but who does Alto end up with in Vermeil in Gold?

It is not a surprise that Lilia and Vermeil are interested in Alto as he has some charming qualities. He is mature and responsible for his age. He works hard to achieve his dream, which is to be a mage.

Of course, there are still some moments when he gets flustered by Vermeil’s behavior as we all know how aggressive Vermeil can be.

Despite that, Alto is known for his high magic power capacity with prodigious talent. If he continues to work hard, he will surely achieve his dream.

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Who Does Alto End Up With in Vermeil in Gold?

Who Does Vermeil in Gold Alto End Up With?
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Unfortunately, the Vermeil in Gold manga is still ongoing as of this writing so it is really hard to tell who ends up with Alto. What we do know, based on what was released so far, is that Vermeil and Alto’s relationship continued to blossom.

Their relationship started as master and familiar, with Vermeil constantly seducing him to gain mana. In episode 4, Alto told Vermeil that she should only kiss the person she loves to which she immediately responded that she loves him.

Flustered and confused, Alto did some research on demon/human relationships and found out that demons are only after the human’s mana. Alto confronted Vermeil about this and she proved to him that what she said was true by kissing him without acquiring mana from him.

It is still uncertain whether Vermeil’s feelings for him are genuine or not. There is still a lot about her that is mysterious like where did Vermeil get her name? What is her goal?

What is sure right now is that Alto developed feelings for her and started initiating intimacy as time went by.

Will they eventually date? What will happen if they did? Viewers will have to watch Vermeil in Gold to find out.

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