When is Transformers 7 Coming Out: Release Date, Updates, News and Everything You Need to Know

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Transformers definitely laid down a solid groundwork of its name making an empire of a franchise from toys to cartoon shows to films to spinoffs. Currently holding the spot as 13th highest-grossing film series, a lot are excited for what comes next for the title. A Transformers 7 film was previously announced but it remained silent for quite some time now, so, here are the news and updates about everything you need to know about it plus when would the release date be.


Since the franchise started building up its name, it had been eyeing a "Transformers Cinematic Universe" for quite some time now. It all started in 2007 where Transformers made its debut in the film and it has been followed by Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in 2009, Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 2011, Transformers: Age of Extinction in 2014, and Transformers: The Last Knight in 2017. A spin-off film also made its way to the big screen with Bumblebee in 2018. So, what comes next? Will it be Transformers 7?

When is Transformers 7 Coming Out?

In a report from Deadline, Paramount made an announcement that a Transformers film will be out on June 24, 2022 although it is still under wraps which film will be it and whether it would be Transformers 7 which was first scheduled for release, supposedly June 28, 2019. At the time of the announcement, there were two films in active development: the Bumblebee sequel and a Beast Wars film.


One of the two films already announced by Paramount, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, would be a standalone film and would not be connected to the main Transformers series. The only details they gave were the director being Angel Manuel Soto and the writer being Marco Ramirez. Do not be confused though, as this one is neither the sequel to Bumblebee nor a Beast Wars film.

Aside from these three films, Josh Cooley would also be directing an animated Transformers film under the working title of Transformers One where the focus would be on the origin story from Cybertron, to introduce where Optimus Prime and Megatron first linked. The project is a different one from the live-action films. and it would be under the efforts of Paramount, eOne, and Hasbro.

Of all the films under development, the most recently updated is the sequel to Bumblebee. In April 2021, Deadline reported that Anthony Ramos, known for his roles in Hamilton and In The Heights, landed one of the lead roles along with Dominique Fishback who is still in the final talks as the lead star of the film.

It is highly likely that it would not be Transformers 7 which would be coming out on June 24, 2022 considering the silence of any of the concerned parties about the film. The most possible one would definitely be the Bumblebee sequel considering the progress it made over the past months.


When do you think would Transformers 7 come out, or rather, do you think it will still be released? Let us know your thoughts!

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