New Transformers Film Underway; Writer and Director Revealed

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Credit: Paramount Pictures
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Transformers fans, rejoice! Paramount Pictures and Hasbro's eOne is making another Transformers film and they already found a director and writer. The one to pen the new Transformers film would be the showrunner of Marvel's The Defenders, Marco Ramirez, and the one to hold and steer the direction will be Charm City Kings' Angel Manuel Soto.


Not much information has been released for the upcoming Transformers film but what is sure is that the film is currently under development and it will be a different part of the Universe where the first Transformers films that Paramount has made before from way back in 2007. With the announcement of the main captains of the ship, the director, and the writer, it is expected that the development would be swift.

Two Transformers films are currently under development from Paramount Pictures wherein one will be a sequel to Bumblebee and one would be the Transformers: Beast Alliance.

With Joby Harold taking the work on the Bumblebee sequel where both Bumblebee and Optimus Prime would be featured as they team up for an adventure, the Beast Alliance is under the words of James Vanderbilt, the writer of Amazing Spider-Man, and under the direction of Stephen Caple Jr. of Creed II.

Beast Alliance is the spin-off of the Beast Wars featuring robots that turn to robotic animals such as Cheetor (Cheetah), Optimus Primal (Gorilla), and Rhinox (Rhinoceros).


This would mean that what Soto and Ramirez would be working on is a different film than those two, that would mean that the film is just in the early stages of production.

These are all good signs that the Transformers franchise is thriving and is off to a great start.

The film has no official or working title yet. There is no expected release date as well.

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