When Is Neil Gaiman’s Dead Boy Detectives Coming Out on Netflix?

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Dead Boy Detectives comic book cover
Credit: DC Comics
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Ever since James Gunn and Peter Safran became heads of the DCU, plenty of changes have been imposed; particularly with the slate of movies. And recently, it was revealed that the DC drama series, Dead Boy Detectives, will no longer be part of HBO Max's roster since it has no place in the brand's future. Since HBO Max executives are reportedly no longer confident in the series, Warner Bros Television has decided to ink a deal with Netflix instead for its global distribution.

Dead Boy Detectives is a series based on the DC comic by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner. Even though it's part of the DCU, the series did not fit into Gunn's vision for the future.


Now that the show has been picked up by Netflix, when can we expect it to be released? Here's what we know so far.

When Is Dead Boy Detectives Coming Out on Netflix?

Dead Boy Detectives cover
Credit: DC Comics

Dead Boy Detectives started filming last November 2022 in Vancouver, Canada and is expected to last until March 20, 2023.


When the show was first unveiled, it was revealed by Variety magazine that it will have a total of eight episodes-- which is the standard episode count for most shows right now.

Now that the show has been picked up by Netflix, there's no word yet on when its release date will be. Production is expected to last until spring, which means the show can get released anytime from late 2023 to early 2024.

What Is Dead Boy Detectives Show About?

Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland in Dead Boy Detectives
Credit: DC Comics

The official logline of the Dead Boy Detectives series reads:

“Dead Boy Detectives is a fresh take on a ghost story that explores loss, grief, and death through the lens of Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland…and their very alive friend, Crystal Palace. It’s a lot like a vintage detective series — only darker and on acid.”
Crystal Palace in Dead Boy Detectives
Credit: DC Comics

Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland are two characters who first appeared on issue #25 of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman comic series. They later got their own spinoff comics with a description of the story that reads:

“Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland are no different than most boys. They love adventure, games and spending time outdoors. They’re curious about girls, curious about life and particularly curious when it comes to mysteries. You see, Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland happen to be two of the best detectives in England. Note that we didn’t say living in England. That’s because Edwin and Charles aren’t living in England. In fact, they’re not living at all. Edwin (died 1916) and Charles (died 1990) met their ends early in life. And that’s when things started getting interesting.
Since their deaths, the young detectives have solved some of the most harrowing mysteries to hit the hallowed halls of St. Hilarion’s School for Boys. However, there’s one great mystery they haven’t yet cracked—the mystery of their own deaths. Now, in a gripping new series full of secrets and surprises, Edwin and Charles will begin unraveling the truth of their demise. But they won’t find it on their own. They’ll be helped by Crystal, a young girl with a gift for technology and a strange link to the undead. Together, this unlikely group of gumshoes will journey from the bustling streets of contemporary London to the virtual world of Japanese-influenced videogames to dangerous worlds perched somewhere between now and nevermore, all in a search for answers about life, death and all that comes after.”

Tom Sturridge as Dream in The Sandman
Credit: Netflix

It's possible that a crossover will happen between The Sandman and Dead Boy Detectives, especially since both are now under Netflix's distribution slate. We'll have to keep an eye out for more details on this.

Who Will Star in Dead Boy Detectives?

Dead Boy Detectives
Credit: DC Comics

The cast of Dead Boy Detectives include the following names:

  • George Rexstrew (as Edwin Payne)
  • Jayden Revri (as Charles Rowland)
  • Kassius Nelson (as Crystal Palace)
  • Briana Cucoco (as Jenny)
  • Ruth Connell (as Night Nurse)
  • Yuyu Kitamura (as Niko)
  • Jenn Lyon (as Esther)
  • Joshua Colley (as Monty)
  • Lindsey Gort (as Maxine)
  • Lukas Gage (as Cat King)
  • Lauren K. Robek (as Disguise)
  • Caitlin Reilly (as Litty)
  • Max Jenkins (as Kingham)

Ruth Connell is reprising her role as Night Nurse from HBO Max's Doom Patrol.

Is There a Trailer for Dead Boy Detectives?

Crystal Palace in Dead Boy Detectives
Credit: DC Comics

Right now, a trailer for the show has not yet been released. We expect a teaser to be released when the show is ready.


For now, here's a DC video where you can get more information on Dead Boy Detectives.

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