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What Is Yami’s Magic in Black Clover?

Yami Sukehiro is a character from the Hino Country. He is also the first captain of Black Bull Squad of the Magic Knights and a former member of Grey Deer Squad. He has a muscular build with grey eyes and black hair. Fans can easily notice him with his messy hair combed backward and stubble mustache.

Most of his clothes are white shirts and black trousers. He wears a belt to support the said trousers and he has another belt that he uses to carry his grimoire. To complete his outfit, he wears black high boots. Yami is a well-respected knight with outstanding magic. What is his magic, and how strong is he?

What Is Yami’s Magic in Black Clover?

What Is Yami’s Magic in Black Clover?
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What Is Yami’s Magic in Black Clover?

Yami uses three types of magic: dark magic, reinforcement magic, and restraining magic. For the dark magic, he uses a rare magic attribute to allow him to generate and manipulate darkness. He channels the magic to his katana. He can also use this magic to draw other types of magic like Light Magic. With his dark magic abilities, he was categorized as Arcane Stage mage.


For the reinforcement magic, he uses this type to boost his physical abilities. He can combine it with Dark Magic to improve his speed. In terms of power, his reinforcement magic can make him stay in place even with extreme pressure from Gravity Magic of Dante Zogratis.

Lastly, restraining magic is used to restrain his enemies using darkness. He adds this to Dark Magic to create more powerful magic to defeat his opponents. Since Yami came from a different homeland, he has a special principle called Ki that allows him to use his sixth sense. This can be helpful in combating unseen people or attacks.

Yami can also control his mana to improve the power of his spells through Mana Zone. The range of the spells increases whenever he uses this too. Indeed, Yami is one of the powerful characters in the series. He might be reckless and hot-headed but his abilities surely save him from tons of trouble.

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